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15 INSANE Russian Dashboard Camera Videos


Until I saw last week's Russian meteor, I thought that I had seen every genre of Youtube videos. The reason there was so much footage of the meteor is that a new fad in Russia is to have a dashboard camera. The cameras are useful to protect yourself from getting wrongfully sued when you get in to a car accident. The side effect is that crazy stuff happens constantly on Russian roads, and now we get to see all of it. Here are the most ridiculous Russian dashboard camera videos.


The Russian Meteor That Started It All


Tanks Do Whatever They Want


It's Illegal To Ride On The Outside Of A Car No Matter Where You Are


This Is Why Fireworks And Cars Don't Mix


Insurance Fraud Fail


Old Lady Road Rage


This Is Why You Pay Attention To Low Clearance Signs


Bus Gone Wild


Exploding Car


ANOTHER Insurance Fraud Fail


So This Is Why People Steal Shopping Carts


Turtleneck Gangster Fail


Lightning Strikes A Car


Fighter Jet Flyover


Maybe Let The Guy With The Gun In Front Of You


Do you think you know of a crazier Russian dashcam vid? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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