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Mom Gets Son Strippers For His 16th Birthday


Judy Viger is the type of Mom anyone would want to have. You want a Mom that knows how to throw you a great birthday party. One that will delight and surprise you. And Judy Viger, when it comes to throwing great, surprising birthdays, f*cking takes the cake.

judy love strippers
This is the kind of typical ordinary kind of crap birthday you get when Judy Viger isn't your mom.

The Huffpost reported today that Judy Viger put a great deal of thought into her son's 16th birthday plans. She said to herself, "Judy, what would you want if you were a sixteen year old boy." And after some real soul searching she came up with the exact right answer:

judy hot stripper
Sixteen year old boys like in order: 1. Strippers 2. Strippers 3. Pokemon 4. Strippers

Judy Viger, 33, should have been awarded Mom of the Year, however instead she was arrested on five counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Because, as any sixteen year old will tell you, there is nothing they find more dangerous than a hot woman gyrating at them.

stripper mom

Apparently some of the kids at the party were as young as 13. The company that made the deal to send the strippers says that none of the strippers knew anyone at the party was underage. Now I may not know much about stripping myself, but I find that suspicious. I feel like if I was a stripper grinding on a 13 year old boy I would know he was not a 37 year old guy in a trench coat like I was used to. If only because of how I would keep having to bump his Nintendo 3DS out of the way with my ass.

kid fun party
"And here to give a big happy 2nd birthday to the twins, here's DIAMOND dancing to their favorite band MEGADEATH!"

How many strippers do you plan to have at your next birthday party? Let us know in the comments below!


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