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6 Daily Rituals You Wish You'd Never Started Doing


People like to do the same stuff over and over. It’s comforting. But much like a comforter that you use over and over without thinking to examine if it needs to be washed, habits can be detrimental to our well being. Here are some sneaky daily rituals to watch out for.


Getting To School With Only One Minute Or Less ‘Til The Bell

late for work


Believe it or not, how good you look in the morning directly corresponds to how early you arrived at school. The longer you’re there before the tardy bell, the better – if you’re early, that means you made a concerted effort to get out of bed when your alarm rang (er, after snooze bar #1). You probably had time to blow dry your hair AND find the clean pants. If you’re rolling up to class with no time to spare, that’s going to have had less to do with you spending time perfecting your curling iron technique and everything to do with you sleeping until the last possible second.


Just Eyeballing How Much Water You Put In Your Oatmeal

daily doing tomato soup


It takes very little effort to bust out the measuring cup, but for whatever reason, when you switched your morning routine from cereal to oatmeal, you decided you also wanted to test your skillz as a liquid guesser. Three months later, it continues to be hit or miss as to whether you’re going to have a soggy breakfast. What a risky way to start the day!


Combing Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Weather, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Etc. Within A Minute Of Waking Up

daily doing computer bed


Yes, all these things contain vital information for our everyday lives [name that old Nick show in the comments!], but checking these sites/apps while you’re still in the process of waking up can inadvertently freak you out. Your beloved mother isn’t even allowed to talk to you first thing in the morning; why would you want to give everyone in the universe access to your brain?


Checking Your Face For Signs Of Clogged Pores

daily doing clogged pores


Trust me. They’ll be there. And what you do next will NEVER help the cause.


Sending A Text To Test Your Crush’s Response Time

daily doing stop watch


You know that thing when you send an open-ended question to your crush and he takes an hour forty to respond even though that little “Read” sign came up right away? What was he doing that was so important?! Was he trying to tell you something in making you aware that he doesn’t feel compelled to respond to you in a timely manner? You need some more data to figure out the answer to these questions, but you’ll need to wait ‘til tomorrow to try again, lest you seem “texty.” Texting was the worst thing ever invented sometimes.


Watching Breaking Bad/Homeland/Downton Before Bed

daily doing breaking bad


Maybe you could’ve fallen asleep shortly after hitting the mattress, but you’ve somehow convinced yourself that you can’t drift off without unwinding to some quality television (--television because a feature-length movie at that time of night would be crazy; everyone knows that!) So you turn on Breaking Bad/Homeland/Downton Abbey, and five hours later, you’re red-eyed and terrified to fall asleep for fear that something terrible will happen to one of the Crawley sisters.


What other daily rituals do you wish you’d never started? Let us know in the comments!


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