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Justin Bieber Officially Tops Lady Gaga as the Most-Followed Person on Twitter!


Having achieved pop super stardom at such a young age, THE dream of nearly all aspiring musicians, I don't know what Justin Bieber has left to work towards. What does he have left to reach for? Does he want to be a nationally-ranked Call of Duty player? Does he want a muscled body like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? Does he hope to finally craft the grand unified model of physics?

bieber glasses
"Lot of discrepancies between quantum and classical physics yo."

No matter what his ultimate goals are, it's pretty clear that Justin Bieber just accomplished a major life goal — he surpassed Lady Gaga as the most-followed Twitter user. Yes, with 33,390,642 followers to Lady Gaga's paltry 33,367,227, Bieber has more people following him than anyone else on Twitter. I don't really understand why though — he only tweets the most asinine things.

justin bieber twitter

Of course, Bieber has a stunning number of Twitter followers, but let's look at that number in context. In Twitter terms, Bieber has more support than some of the biggest parts of our popular culture — more than Bill Gates, Major League Baseball, CBS World News, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Jonathan Coulton, Facebook, and even President Obama. I totally get why Bieber would have more followers than President Obama though — he only tweets the most asinine things.

barack obama twitter

My initial reaction to this story was anger. How dare Justin Bieber conquer Twitter in such a silly, stupid way? I mean, what is Justin Bieber's twitter account really saying? What is he bringing to the conversation? Nothing! So how dare he be the most popular person on Twitter — a medium I so love?

But I started thinking about it, and came to realize that everyone has their own way of using it and they all think everyone is doing it wrong. So you can use Twitter to get your news. You can use Twitter to write jokes. These are all valid uses of the service. But therefore it's also a valid use of the service to feel a little closer to your favorite celebrities. That's a also a valid use of the service, because everyone's own interpretation of Twitter is what makes Twitter so vibrant and lively. To cast dispersions on ANYONE'S use of Twitter does the entire service harm.

emma watson twitter
Except Emma Watson, who is REALLY dumb on Twitter.

Who's the best person you follow on Twitter? Let me know on, of course, Twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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