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9 Movie Franchises That Disney Should Buy


If there is one thing that Disney is good at, it's taking a pile of trash and turning it in to a pile of cash. Some of these franchises are still moving along ok, but most of them have gone way off the rails on a lazy train. They're just really bad now. Here are movie franchises that Disney should buy.



ghostbuster mickey


Ghostubsters and Ghostbusters 2 were both super awesome. There have been rumors about a possible Ghostbusters 3 for the past five years, but it seems to never quite materialize. A lot of the reason is that Bill Murray doesn't want to be involved unless the script is really good. With Disney's help, I think we would finally get to see a triumphant return of the Ghostbusters to the big screen. I bet they could even talk Rick Moranis in to coming out of retirement.



rainicorn vs my little pony


What isn't awesome about Highlander? It's a bunch of immortal sword fighters cutting off each other's heads and getting shocked by magic lightning. The first movie was great, and the rest were pretty terrible. Part of the reason is that in the first movie MacLeod finishes off The Kurgan to become the last immortal on earth. It's kind of hard to make a sequel that makes sense when there isn't really anyone left to fight. I know that there is still a lot of potential for a reboot of this franchise. Maybe next time they should space it out a little better and not blow their load in the first movie.


Back To The Future

doc brown thinking cap


I'm pretty sure that Michael J. Fox wouldn't be down to do another Back To The Future movie. Who cares about Marty McFly? For me, it was always about Doc Brown and Christopher Lloyd would almost definitely do another movie. Just plug in some other up and coming star to hand off the reigns to and you have a pretty much guaranteed formula for a great movie.


Dungeons and Dragons

dungeons and dragons wayans brother


This franchise was never great to begin with. In fact, I saw the first one in the theater and by the end of it, all of the nerds had turned and everyone in the theater was just yelling stuff out Mystery Science Theater 3000 style. There are billions of untold awesome stories that have been created by some of the greatest dungeon master's in their amazing mother's basements. The problem with making a good Dungeons and Dragons movie is that the establishment is too afraid to make something for the fans. The do stuff like get scared and throw in a member of the Wayans Clan for no reason. Disney has no such fears. They understand that to have a successful franchise, you have to rile up the fan base.



donald duck terminator


Terminator was awesome. Terminator 2 was even more awesome. It's been all downhill since then. I want to see Arnold Schwarzenegger helping his greatest franchise once again. Maybe he can play a freedom fighter who the skin layout for the Terminators is based on. I don't know. It's not my job to write this movie for your Hollywood screen writers. You guys do it.



robocop riding unicorn painting


If there is one thing that I know makes a good movie, it is cyborgs. There have been a bunch of attempts to reboot the RoboCop franchise, but they all seem to fall through. They're supposedly even making one now. I'll be surprised if it gets finished. This would be really cheap to film to make because they could just shoot it in modern day Detroit. I wish everyone there was doing a city wide RoboCop cosplay instead of the horrible reality that many of its citizens are living in now. Don't take my word for it. In October, the police union told visitors to stay away because they thought it was too dangerous. They need RoboCop now more than ever.


Bill and Ted

bill and ted guitar riff


Bill and Ted were pretty much my idols for my entire childhood. Not only were the two raddest dudes in San Dimas, they also had a pretty sweet time machine. The two Bill and Ted movies promised us that they would be the voice of a generation and that their music would change the world. I want to see an older Bill and Ted in this future take their time machine for one last spin to save the world. Plus, I pretty much guarantee you that Disney would open a pretty not bogus ride to let you experience what time traveling is really like.


Super Mario Bros

mario sitting on throne of controllers


The first Super Mario Bros movie was one of the worst films ever made. That was because it was made by morons. Disney said that the only reason they didn't include Mario and Luigi in Wreck It Ralph was that they thought they were too iconic and would be distracting. If they are so iconic then why not make a movie about it, Disney?


X-Men, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and the rest of Marvel

marvel universe


Disney owns Marvel, but they don't own the movie rights to all of the Marvel characters. One of the best things about the Marvel comics universe is how fully fleshed out it feels with all of the comics frequently overlapping with each other. I would have loved to see some sweet cameos in the last Avengers. Even one shot of Spider-Man webbing some falling debris or swinging in just in time to save an old lady would have made my day. Plus, the fact that Disney doesn't own the X-Men means that we'll never get to see the Avengers vs. the X-Men storyline play out.


What movie franchises do you think Disney should buy? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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