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If Fall TV Heroines Were Disney Princesses!


It’s been said that there are only a finite number of stories in the world. It’s also been said that I watch too much TV. And while the past few years have seen a Strong Female Heroine boom, we’re really already familiar with these types. Let’s try and match up which fall TV ladies would be which Disney princesses! That sounds like fun!


Jess In FOX’s New Girl = Snow White

disney tv zooey snow


Kind-hearted caretaker Jess Day (the Zooey Deschanel one) would absolutely have let in and trusted the evil-queen-disguised-as-beggar (see: The Landlord episode). And I think she DOES sing to birds. Plus, she lives with Grumpy, Tooly, and Shouty.


Mindy In FOX’s The Mindy Project = Cinderella

date tell waiter awk


Costume changes! From what we’ve seen in the pilot of The Mindy Project, Mindy Kaling’s character wants to go on a date with Ed Helms (aka The Ball), and (with the help of her coworker) she gets all dolled up to do so. Her outfit decision is, like, a major plot point. SPOILER ALERT: But once she’s on the date, she’s called away early to go deliver a baby, and reality comes crashing down. That’s obvi the shoe/pumpkin thing. Plus, Mindy rhymes with Cindy, so…


June In ABC’s Apt 23 = Ariel From The Little Mermaid

disney tv apt mermaid



June trades in her manageable Midwestern life for adventure in the big city. Along the way, she gets involved with an evil woman (the B—in that apartment), is hamstrung by debt, and her life becomes a total mess. Also, her eyes remind me of a fish.


Leslie From NBC’s Parks and Recreation = Pocahontas

This past season’s forbidden love and fallout thing between Leslie Knope (the Amy Poehler one) and Ben Wyatt (the Adam Scott one) is just like Pocahontas and John Smith. Just like it. Also, the connection in this video makes me sad-giggle.


Annie From NBC’s Community = Every Disney Princess Ever

I mean, look at her. I bet the words “Disney Princess” were in the casting description. Alison Brie should totally voice the next Disney animated feature. Someone start that social media campaign.


Cat From The CW’s Beauty And The Beast = Belle From… Wait, What?

This one doesn’t premiere for a couple weeks, but from what’s been released… it’s so bizarre. The heroine, Cat, is like a homicide detective or something. Watch the clip… it looks more like CSI then that thing with the dancing candlesticks!


What other TV heroines - Disney Princesses matches can you come up with? Show us in the comments!


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