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New Hobbit Trailer! Sort Of!


Listen, whenever major news outlets start reporting that a new Hobbit trailer's been released, we here at Smosh ultimately have no choice but to cover it. I mean, right? It's Peter Jackson's big return to the Lord of the Rings universe! It's a big deal! But sometimes, I'll admit, we get a little hosed, and the quote unquote "new trailer" is basically the old one. I feel like I sent back a steak at a restaurant and instead of making me a new one they just microwaved the old one and gave it back to me with a new sprig of parsley.

I've seen this steak before.

The new footage, according to the Huffington Post, is seen at 0:23, when Bilbo reacts to Gandalf's reaction, 1:57 when he hides behind a tree or something, and 1:59 Gandalf and all the dwarves do some running. I went back to those time stamps and yeah, I guess they're new. Who can remember the last Hobbit trailer though? I watched it while I was in the middle of an episode of The Newsroom.

screenshot newsroom hobbit
Almost everything I do I do while watching an episode of The Newsroom.

And here's the other problem. I don't understand what's happening in this trailer. There are maybe two words I understand and the rest is fantasy gibberish. For instance, when Gandalf is naming the dwarf guys, it seems like he's just making sounds with his mouth.

hobbit dwarves nonsense
"This is Biggy, Liggy, Filly, Silly, Quorry, Jory, Hory, Chory, Simpy,
and Cameron. But we just call him Cam."


The big news from last week, of course, was that The Hobbit would be split into three movies as opposed to the originally planned two. So whenever Hobbit news comes out, all I can think about is what the third movie is going to be. Was the amount of story they had planned for the second movie just going to be cut and released in theaters the next year? Is The Hobbit 2 going to be half a movie? That's not how it's supposed to work! That would be like cutting Croutching Tiger, Hidden Dragon into two films.

crouching tiger hidden dragon
"I mean, obviously I loved all the crouching tigers, but you're telling
me I have to wait until next summer for hidden dragons?"

What did you think of the quote unquote "new" Hobbit trailer? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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