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10 Teachers You To Avoid On Your Schedule


Yes. Teachers are the life blood of modern society. They educate the youth of the world today so that we can have a better tomorrow. And honestly, most teachers are great. Unfortunately, some are not so great. Here are Teachers You Want To Avoid On Your Schedule.


The Facebook Friender

teacher catches student on facebook


This teacher wants to get way too involved in your personal life because they really want to be your friend. You guys get along so well in the classroom that to them it only seems like the logical next step to extend that friendship in to the cyberworld. They don't realize that friending a teacher is worse than friending your grandma. And then, the teacher gets to see all of the stuff your friends post to your wall. No one wants to comment where the teacher can see it.


The Divorcee

sleezy old dude


This teacher lives by one mantra. Recently single and ready to mingle. They've been married to the same person for 15 years and now they're free. If you do wind up with this teacher, just make sure you're not alone with them because things can get really inappropriate really fast.


The Dress Code Cop

lady from goonies


Shirt untucked? Go to the office. No belt? Go to the office. Wrong color socks? Go to the office. If you have this teacher, you're going to spend more time in the office than in the classroom. That will result in you flying way too high on the Principal's radar.


The Dumb Coach

math test fail meme


Not all coaches are dumb. Some are very intelligent. Others only got teaching degrees because they thought it was the easiest subject in college while they made their way to the Pros. Dreams don't work out for everyone. Sure this might be the easiest pre-calculus class you've ever taken, but you're going to pay for it next year when all of your classmates look like they're writing in Martian and you still have to take your shoes off to count to 20.


The Depressed Drunk

drunk dad


Things just didn't pan out for this poor sap. Their plan was to teach for a year or two while they wrote the greatest novel ever written. You can see somewhere behind their sloshy eyes that there was once a smart, hardworking, caring person. All that's left now is someone who occasionally has to close the blinds and put on a movie because the light is just "too much."


The Old Virgin

39 year old virgin meme


They just haven't met the right person yet. That's because that right person has to be able to deal with massive body odor and the occasional roach that crawls out of their hair. If you do get stuck with this teacher, try to get a desk as far away from them as possible so their stink doesn't transfer to your clothes. You don't want to follow in their footsteps.


The Wannabe College Professor

hard teacher meme


This teacher starts every class by saying, "No, this isn't in the book. Yes, this will be on the test." I hope you didn't plan on going to a good college, because this class is going to permanently ruin your GPA.


The Fun Teacher

old lady devil horns


Expect to hear things like, "Ain't No Party Like A Science Party Cause A Science Party Don't Stop" and "Who Let Abe Lincoln Out? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who?" at least twice a day.


The Creepy Art Teacher

will ferrell terrence maddox


Hello class. I've got a special treat for you today. We're going to be doing life drawing with a nude model. Unfortunately, the model that we paid cancelled so I will be filling in as the nude model. Let my essence wash over you and fill your artistic spirit with the soft glow of my naked form!


The Militant Band Director

drill sergeant band director


Why do you need to do push-ups in marching band? After about a hundred or so puch-ups, your arms are way too tired to hold up that Tenor Saxophone for more than thirty seconds. And then you have to do more push-ups for not being able to play. It's a vicious cycle that you don't want to be a part of.


Which teacher do you want to most avoid? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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