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Original Names Of 10 Popular TV Shows


It's always fun to do a little internet research on the origin of popular TV shows and see all the various changes that went into finally nailing a hit formula. Especially when you have a million other things to do that you're avoiding. But then you can write an article about it so it kind of had a point! Here's a looksie at the original names Of 10 popular TV shows!


Hannah Montana

original names tv shows hannah montana


Almost called: Alexis Texas

So I can't find this out for sure...but I'm thinking this name change may have had something to do with the fact that there is a p0rn star named Alexis Texas? Probably a good idea. I mean when you think Miley Cyrus the last thing that comes to mind is 'professional adult film star'. She's totally amateur.



original names tv shows lost

Almost called: Nowhere

Good call, Lost creators! Great way of avoiding the inevitable 'jokey review' of  'Well, that went NOWHERE!" after the controversial series finale. Luckily, I was too LOST in the emotion of the final episode to notice all the gaping plot holes you left us with. Mmmmhmm.


That's So Raven!

original names tv shows thats so raven


Almost called: The Future is on Me, Absolutely Psychic!

So this name change happened after actress Raven-Symone was cast. I'm happy this name change happened, not because the other ones are that horrible, but because I love to say 'That's so, Desi!' for instance, whenever I see someone eating a huge plate of tacos or cereal in a mixing bowl.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

original names tv shows lost

Almost called: Slayer

I guess this could've worked...for a reality show about the ins and outs of life on the road with thrash metal gods SLAYER! Which I would totally watch. Especially now that they're all old and probably trying to recapture their youth.


Even Stevens

original names tv shows even stevens


Almost called: Spivey's Kid Brother

So originally the Stevens were the Spiveys. This would've been a terrible name. You know what else is terrible? That Shia LaBeouf got all douchey. Someone needs to put that clip of Beans farting in Louis' face on an endless loop on YouTube. I would watch at least 10 minutes of that.



original names tv shows firends


Almost called: Six of One; Across the Hall

Okay confession...I'm not a fan of Friends. In fact, I kind of hate it. Do I like lose my girl card or something? But I'm woman enough to admit Friends is far superior to the other options. If only they had changed the theme song as well. For real, hearing that song makes me want to stab a pillow.


That '70s Show

original names tv shows 70s show


Almost called: Teenage Wasteland; The Kids Are Alright; Feelin' All Right 

Apparently after The Who wouldn't give up the rights to Teenage Wasteland or The Kids Are Alright, producers went with the completely boring Feelin' All Right. Of all the changes on the list, I think this one really saved the show from tanking.  That and Mila Kunis' hotness.


Married…with Children

original names tv shows married children


Almost called: Not the Cosby Show

I actually think this name is kind of hilarious! I mean when you think Married...With Children you definitely don't think heartwarming or profound life lessons. They were trashy and treated each other like crap, but ultimately they were a family and when it came down to they loved each other.When they weren't insulting each other. So exactly like my family! This explains why I never related to The Cosby Show.



original names tv shows icarly


Almost called: iSam, iJosie

The original name iSam was nixed after the producers found out the URL was already taken. Then they bought the URL iJosie but never really liked that. And finally we got iCarly and BFF Sam, a nod to the original choice. Can you imagine HOW DIFFERENT this show would've been if it was called iSomeothername??? Yeah not much. Carly is a super-cute name though.



It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

original names tv shows always sunny philadelphia


Almost called: Jerks

I love Jerks! I mean what better title for a show about people who make Kitten Mittens and exploit a dumpster baby. Well, maybe jerks isn't quite horrible enough.

Any that I missed? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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