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8 Videogame Power-Ups That I Wish Were Real


Science has invented tons of stuff that was in Star Trek. I think it's time they start making stuff from video games. There are so many times in my everyday life that a sweet power-up would help me out tremendously. It's such a tease that I get to use them all the time in my favorite video games, but I'll probably never get to use them in real life. Here are video game power-ups that I wish were real.


Propeller Mushroom (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)

propeller mario drawing


The propeller mushroom is the first power-up you get in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Not only is it adorable, it's one of the best power-ups in Mario history. This thing makes you fly straight up in to the air. Sure, it would be a great tool to get around, but it would be an even greater tool to get out of boring conversations. Oh, really? You tried a new kind of mayo that you really like? ZIP! GOODBYE!


Time Stopper (Megaman 2)

time stopper megaman


It would be pretty sweet to be able to stop time with the Time Stopper. There are all kinds of things you could do like finish your homework or quickly change your clothes to really freak people out when the time returns to normal. Of course, you could also do something evil with it like rob a bank. I don't think I'd really get much done because every time I stopped time I would scream, "I AM THE MASTER OF TIME!" and then just laugh like maniacally until time restarted.


Power Orb (Altered Beast)

altered beast transformation scene


The power orb in Altered Beast is what you use to turn in to a sweet Werebeast. Ever since I was a kid, I was way in to werewolves and it totally isn't because the first sex scene I ever saw was between two werewolves in The Howling. Either way, I'd probably turn in to a lame werebeast like a werepigeon or a werelemming.


Fire (NBA Jam)

nba jam fire dunk


Despite being over 6 feet tall, I am the worst at basketball. I've never been able to dunk on anything bigger than a plastic kiddie hoop. Anytime I've tried to play streetball at the local court, I've been shamed off of the court in less than a game. With the NBA Jam Fire I'd not only be able to do a super insane dunk, but I'd also destroy their hoop. NOW NO ONE GETS TO PLAY!


Power Pellet (Pac-Man)

pacman chases ghosts


If you're like me, your house is completely over run by ghosts that want to kill you. I don't know why they're all out to get me. It's not like I murdered them and hid their bodies in my crawl space. I can't tell you how awful it is having to constantly run around my place being chased by these things. If only I had a power pellet, I could finally kill all of those ghosts and be able to eat my various fruits in peace.


Bullet Bill (Mario Kart)

bullet bill on mariokart track


I live in Los Angeles so I regularly have to drive in insane rush hour traffic. A Bullet Bill would make me the happiest boy on earth if I got to use it even once. It would be so satisfying to fly through everyone as their cars delightfully explode. Mostly I want it so I can finally get to work on time for once so Smosh doesn't fire me.


Insect Swarm (BioShock)

insect swarm attack


This BioShock power-up allows you to grow bees in your arms and then spray them at enemies. I mostly want this because we have a serious problem in this country with bees, you guys. They're all dying you guys and there is nothing left to pollinate our crops. I'd start a business where I went from farm to farm and shot bees out of my arm. I'd also probably use them to get revenge on all of my ex girlfriends. But I'd totally do the save all the farms thing first.


Bubbles The Chimp (Moonwalker)

michael jackson robot


This one is pretty weird, but also possibly the most awesome one on this list. When you collect Bubbles The Chimp in Moonwalker, Michael Jackson turns in to a robot version of himself. I would love to be able to turn in to a robot version of Michael Jackson. I wouldn't really want it for the lasers since I never get in to fights. I'd want it so I could hit the club and bust out some sweet robot dance moves. I just hope the ladies will be able to see that I have a warm heart under my cold metallic shell.


What are some power ups I missed? How would you use them in real life? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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