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Next Gen Xbox Might Only Play New Games?


Microsoft's next Xbox, which we'll probably see released before the end of 2013, will require an internet connection and block used games from playing on the console, according to a report from Edge. Games would ship with a one-time-use activation code, and once they're tied to your system, that's the only system they'll ever work on. It's sort of like an arranged marriage, only without the dowry.

weird deer
I don't know what a dowry is. Is this a dowry?

This move would be huge for Microsoft, since it would essentially cut Gamestop out of the equation. The only real way Gamestop makes it's money is by selling used games, and everything else they do is in service to that. So if the next Xbox doesn't play used games, will Gamestop even sell the new Xbox? Will they sell its controllers? Will they sell its accessories? Will they sell its overpriced collector's editions of Halo?

halo 4 limited edition
I don't know WHERE I'll throw my money away if they don't!

Prfft. We could also see an updated Kinect either launching simultaneously with the new Xbox, so get ready to stick your arms out to collect coins with your long dumb arms and sort of control the paddles on a white water rafting trip.


kinnect adventures
Perfect for when your cousin with a brain injury comes over.

It'll be interesting to see how this talk of required connectivity goes down, especially in terms of Microsoft's competition with Sony's soon-to-be-announced Playstation 4. If that console doesn't have the used game-restriction, will gamers go with the console that promises cheaper games in the future? Or will they decide to stop killing developers and publishers who make the games they love by purchasing the console that ensures said developers and publishers will get a cut of the profits from the games they create?

Usually, these console battles come down to the games, but as we saw with this generation, major titles come to both Microsoft AND Sony's boxes, meaning exclusives are going to play a bigger role. Sony owns plenty of studios and can keep a solid trickle of exclusives coming, but they don't have the kind of cultural cache that Microsoft's two biggest franchises, Gears of War and Halo, enjoy.

Therefore, this battle is really going to come down to the features of the two systems. Whichever wins, it'll be interesting to see what innovations Microsoft and Sony will bring to the marketplace.

sad wii u
"Also Nintendo, right guys? You're interested to see what Nintendo brings
to the marketplace too, aren't you? Guys? ...Guys?"


Are you going to buy the next Xbox if it really does require an internet connection? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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