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How Stealth Video Game Characters Handle Being Discovered


The most common reason for video game characters to take to stealth games is a lack of self-confidence. They assume that once the guards see them, they'll judge them, just like they judge themselves. But sometimes, even stealth game characters get discovered, and this is the way they react:


Solid Snake

solid snake metal gear solid


Metal Gear Solid's Solid Snake actually comes alive when he's discovered! Magic tricks, hilarious yet inoffensive jokes, and even some deep, cutting insight into the world in which we live. Now we know why the genome soldiers were looking so hard for Solid Snake — he's great!


Sam Fisher

sam fisher splinter cell


Since your mission ends in most Splinter Cell games when you're discovered, no video gamer has ever seen what Sam Fisher does when he's discovered. Do you know why? It's really embarrassing. He just stops and stares, like a deer in the headlights. He doesn't even get killed right away. The guards kind of don't know what to do with him. Like, this guy doesn't have basic human survival instincts. Sam Fisher is the best argument for Creationism because how could evolution EVER produce someone like this?


Tenchu: Stealth Assassin

tenchu rikimaru


Rikimaru, the ninja from Tenchu: Stealth Assassin's, throws full bowls of rice to distract his enemies. While they're chowing down, he's usually able to kill them, but if he's discovered, Rikimaru simply pretends to be a waiter and produces a basket of bread for the guard. But oh man, once that guard finishes the bread and tries to flag down Rikimaru to get another, he's nowhere to be found! Why is it SO HARD to get a second basket of bread from a waiter? I mean, in this case it's because the waiter is preparing to kill you, but why does it happen at the Olive Garden?





He shoots you. Hitman shoots you. Don't be dumb.



altair assassins creed


When Altair is discovered, he blends in. Now, sometimes that involves blending in with the passing-by crowds or old folks sitting on benches. When he's at a party, Altair blends in by mimicking what everyone else is doing. Sure, no one judges him for dancing (or not dancing, whatever the case may be), but he's never really a leader, you know? And that means he's never gonna get with Amanda, that cute girl who comes to every one of this guy's parties and just laughs and looks beautiful.


Corvo Attano



When the Dishonored hero is discovered he blushes SUPER big!


What do you do when you're discovered? Let me know on Twitter at @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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