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Apple Maps Stranding Drivers In The Australian Wilderness!


We've known there's been some problems with the data-side of Apple Maps for a while, but it's nothing to get riled up about, is it? I mean, Apple Maps occasionally guesses your initial location wrong. And it might send you to a Taco Bell when you wanted to go to El Pollo Loco. Worst case, it'll get you on the 101 and then the 10 and then the 405. Maybe you'll even be a few moments late to your precious work.

angry man in traffic

But now we're hearing about the first truly dangerous problem with Apple Map — a warning from the police department of Mildura, Australia.

australian apple maps
And no, the problem with Apple Maps in Australia isn't what you'd suspect.

When an Australian searches for "Mildura" in Apple Maps, the app directs them right to the middle of Murray-Sunset National Park, a semi-arid nature reserve that is popular with the outback-exploring bushwalker crowd and also masochists. Drivers using Apple Maps are finding themselves stranded in Murray-Sunset without food or water — some for up to 24 hours at a time.

apple maps
But let's not forget how well Apple Maps is DESIGNED.

The Mildura police department has even reported drivers losing their phone reception in the middle of Sunset-Murray, saying they "had to walk long distances through dangerous terrain just to get phone reception". Now, keep in mind, Australia has poisonous snakes hanging out all over the place, an ocean full of deadly jellyfish and octopus, and crocodiles that eat little kids ON THE REGULAR. Do you have any idea how dangerous the terrain would have to be for an Australian police department to call it dangerous?

kangaroo punch

What mapping app would YOU use in Australia? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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