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7 Pokemon That Would Make Great Reindeer


Really Santa? Reindeer again? You can sprinkle your magic flying dust on anything to make it fly. Why do you pick reindeer every year? I think you should mix it up. There are these creatures you may have heard about that all have awesome special abilities. They're called Pokemon and you need to get your bag of magic dust cause they need a good sprinkle. Here are Pokemon that would make great reindeer.



volbeat portrait


Everyone knows the story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. But what if something were to happen to Rudolph? Volbeat could take his place without missing a step. Not only does Volbeat's tail glow, they can also use their tail to draw patterns. That way Santa won't have to be unemployed for most of the year. He could spend the rest of his time as a night writer for birthdays and wedding proposals.



christmas wailord


Wailord are huge. They are so huge that one Wailord could probably take the place of an entire team of reindeer. Why go through the trouble of taking care of so many animals when you can just have one giant Pokemon. Sure, they technically can't live out of water, but Santa's got a whole bunch of magic, you guys. If he wants a Wailord, Santa gets a Wailord.



milking miltank


Everyone knows that you are supposed to leave milk and cookies out for Santa. He pretty much lives off of them. He has a lot of houses to go to and some of the milk might be spoiled or even worse, it could be Soy Milk. If he has a Miltank on his sled team, he'll never have to worry about eating another cookie without a tasty fresh glass of milk.



santa dog hypnotizes


Hypno has pretty much one special ability. It can hypnotize people and put them too sleep. Never again will Santa has to worry about coming down a chimney and being discovered by some kid who stayed up all night. Now Santa can just send Hypno down the chimney first and hypnotize anyone that might still be awake. Sure, Hypno will probably then feat on their dreams, but they shouldn't have stayed awake to try to meet Santa.



koffing dives in ocean


One problem that Santa has been having recently is that he can't keep up with all of the modern radars and weaponry. NORAD has been tracking Santa for years and now a lot of less friendly countries are getting in on it as well. Koffing can create a large amount of gas to shield Santa from all of those missles being fired at him. He does spew out clean gas when he's happy. If things get too rough, Koffing can break off from the team and spew some of his poisonous gas on the people trying to take down Santa.



vanilluxe meme


Over half of the planet isn't going to have any snow on Christmas. Vanilluxe mixed with a little Christmas magic could bring snow to the entire globe. Sure, it may permanently destroy the delicate ecosystems in most of these non-snowy regions. But SNOW YOU GUYS! SNOW! I just hope Santa doesn't get in the mood for ice cream while o his travels cause Vanilluxe looks delicious.



christmas stantler


Stantler is the Pokemon equivalent of a reindeer. What better Pokemon to replace the reindeer? The only difference between reindeer and Stantlers is that Stantlers can use their antlers to make illusions. A whole team of Stantlers could make a pretty sweet illusion to keep Santa totally hidden from anyone seeing them. They could also just make it look like giant versions of Ian and Anthony were flying around holding hands and giving presents out. That's what I would prefer.


What Pokemon do you think would make a great reindeer? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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