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Gangnam Style Beats Bieber For #1 All Time Viewed Youtube Video


The student has surpassed the master. Psy has officially passed Justin Bieber's "Baby" as the most watched Youtube video of all time.

psy nude gangnam
Psy celebrates his victory in typical Psy fashion, by standing nude from the waist down in the middle of a crowd of people.

Culture reporting magazine Slate dropped the bomb. While Bieber's "Baby" has just under 805 Million views, over the weekend Gangnam style pulled in with 815 Million views. This is great news and terrible news for Psy. Great in that his music is very popular, terrible in that with that many people knowing who he is privacy will no longer exist for him. No matter where he goes he will be beset by people who want autographs, pictures, handfuls of his hair, and every now and again, a sawed off chunk of one of his love handles.

fans psy
Pictured above: Bieber fans gear themselves up to hurl themselves at Justin, capture him, stick him in a wicker man, and set said wicker man ablaze.

While Justin Bieber's "Baby" the previous record holder on Youtube is a song about, presumably, Justin Bieber stealing and then eating a baby; "Gangnam Style" is a not so veiled critique of capitalism and the materialism it inspires, tearing South Korean culture apart by dividing those that live there into haves and have nots. Although most people watching it just think it's funny that the fat Korean guy is dancing like that.

psy revolutionary
Materialist Americans everywhere enjoy Psy's humorous attack on their culture

What will be the next video to take the record for most views on Youtube? I don't know about you guys, but this video has my vote:

What would you do with Justin Bieber if you came upon him sleeping? Let us know in the comments below!


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