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Rejected Rise Of The Guardians Characters


Rise Of The Guardians brings a new take on the superhero team story. Rather than have all of the members of this team get their powers from radioactive waste or super fancy science stuff, all of these characters are based on popular holiday icons. It's got some of the major players in there like Santa and the Easter Bunny. There are still a ton of really awesome characters that could have been in the movie, but got rejected for various reasons. Here are rejected Rise Of The Guardians characters.


Leprechaun (St. Patrick's Day)

warwick davis as leprechaun


There are tons of leprechauns to choose from in pop culture. There is one that stands out above the rest. I'm of course specifically talking about the Leprechaun from Leprechaun In The Hood. He would have been a great addition to the team. All they would have to do is hide his gold and then tell him that the bad guys have it. I think he got nixed from the team because he only speaks in horrible rhymes. It would be way too annoying.


Drunk Girl (Mardi Gras)

mardi gras cat


This character's powers are sort of lacking. They include flashing her breasts, fighting with her boyfriend, and passing out in a pile of vomit. She almost made the cut just because the Guardians only have one female member on the team. They didn't have enough bead money in the budget to pay her to join though. Maybe if this movie does well, they'll be able to afford her for the sequel.


Mokiko (Earth Day)

mokiko dancing


They really wanted Mokiko in the movie, but he only does one thing. Mokiko does the sloppy swish. That's just not enough range to star in an action franchise. Plus, his venom turns others in to sloppy swish dancing zombies. It might have ruined the movie, but would have made for a great dance number over the closing credits.


Mega Turkey (Thanksgiving)

turkey costume


Mega Turkey is the king of all turkeys. He's just too much of an on-screen presence to be tied down in a ensemble cast. Mega Turkey really deserves it's own movie. Maybe one day we will be so lucky to live in a world where a new Mega Turkey movie comes out every 6 months. I'll just have to keep waiting and hoping and putting giblets under my pillow every night.


Uncle Sam (Fourth Of July)

uncle sam holding machine gun


Uncle Sam might be one of the toughest holiday icons on this list. He was rejected because he was just a little too violent. If there is trouble, you know Uncle Sam is probably packing some pretty major heat. He's like a more festive version of The Punisher.


Baby New Year (New Year's Day)

baby new year doll


Baby New Year is adorable. I think they really missed out by not including him in the movie. The top hat, the sash, the sassy attitude. That's just what a movie like this needs. I'm pretty sure they would have broken a bunch of child labor laws by making a baby perform all of his own stunts. We really need to do something about those laws. Don't blame me. I voted for Kodos.


Chewbacca (Life Day)

I think it's important to include holidays from all cultures in a movie like this. That's why it is quite upsetting to me that the Wookie holiday of Life Day is completely unrepresented in the film. When will Wookies finally be recognized for their wonderful and rich culture by these fat cat Hollywood types that make these movies?


What other holiday heroes got rejected from Rise Of The Guardians? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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