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8 Great Places To Nap


I love to nap. Hell – if I had my druthers, I’d be napping right now. As a matter of fact, I’m going to nap right after I finish writing this article. Yes, sir. I’m going to nap. Mmm. Yawn. Nap. Come nap with me. Let’s nap in one of these cool napping places.


A Hammock

great places to nap hammock


I mean, duh. Hammocks were made for nappin’, bro. If you’re not unconscious (or nearly unconscious) in a hammock, you’re doing it wrong. Unless, of course, you’re testing a hammock out at Costco. Trust me – they don’t take kindly to people falling asleep in the merchandise. I found that lesson out the hard way.


Your Grandma’s Bed

great places to nap your grandma’s bed


Straight up, your grandma’s bed is “da bomb.” The mattress is really squishy, the pillows are soft, and it smells like her. Which, in my book, is the definition of comfort .(Assuming, of course, that you have tender feelings for your grandma.) ADDED BONUS: If you’re curious as to what your sleep number is, the likelihood of your grandma’s bed being able to tell you is incredibly high.


In a Car Trunk

great places to nap in a car trunk


Ah, car trunks. Quiet, isolated, insulated. Coffin like. Can you think of anything more zen? I can’t. Just make sure you let a trusted friend or family member know that you’re sleeping in one. Y’know, so you don’t suffocate.


Your Friend Dave’s Futon

great places to nap your friend dave’s futon


Because, well, face it. There's no way in Hell you're in any shape to drive home. The only thing making this particular nap a great one is the fact that you’re passed out – under normal circumstances, you wouldn’t be able to sleep with Dave’s stinky-ass dog licking your face every thirty seconds.


The Emirates A380

great places to nap emirates a380


Emirates, a.k.a. the most outrageously fancy airline in the world, knows how to treat their cash-flush customers. Every business class seat on their A380 plane turns into a full-length bed (as if the knowledge that you're rich enough to drop $5,000 on a flight to Dubai wouldn’t already have you resting easy). The butt-load of complimentary booze in your very own minibar, combined with 1,200 channels worth of entertainment, makes it even easier to drift away to Dreamland.


A Coffin

great places to nap a coffin


I mean...have you ever laid on padded satin? It’s like resting on a damn cloud! And imagine the shock on your loved ones' faces when they see you pop out...talk about a killer prank! You'll laff and laff and laff...until, of course, your parents get the bill for the funeral.


A Waterbed

great places to nap waterbed


Sleeping in a waterbed is a delightful combination of feeling like you're living in the Swinging 70's and floating on a sea of comfort. Oh, and it’s safer than ACTUALLY sleeping on water. (Please, for the love of God, don’t sleep on real water. We can’t afford the lawsuit.)


The Ugliest Recliner You’ve Ever Seen

great places to nap ugly recliner


Recliners are like women – the uglier they look, the more comfortable they are. Which is why the Southwest-themed overstuffed maxipad in your granddad's den feels like a womb.


Where’s YOUR favorite place to go night-night? Let me know in the comments!


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