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Harrison Ford May Return As Han Solo In New Star Wars Film


Han Solo changed many a life in the 1970's. He convinced many young men that wearing a very small vest is a good idea. He made many young women decide for years that they could only be attracted to guys who hang out with giant space bears.

han bear hangout
For awhile, this was the only way to attract women.

Web presence Inside Movies has reported that Harrison Ford is open to the idea of starring in the seventh movie in the franchise. Reprising his role as Han Solo. If Harrison plays Han it can safely be assumed that the story will be that Han is now living in a retirement tree cottage on Endor and spends his days yelling at Ewoks to "keep it down for chrissakes."

 harrison ewok old
Han Solo, at 3 in the morning, wide awake and stewing about the fact that those blasted Ewoks are still partying.

Ford is not totally sold on the idea of being in another Star Wars as he apparently, does not really like Star Wars. He has said, “As a character he was not so interesting to me,” of Han Solo and spoken begrudgingly and rarely of the franchise, only acknowledging that he doesn't really get the popularity.

han solo boooo
Star Wars Fan, Han Solo does not like you.

As if Star Wars fans learning that Han Solo thinks you're obsessive and weird about something that isn't very good wasn't enough, Entertainment Weekly also reports that Han Solo was actually supposed to die in Return Of The Jedi. Harrison Ford thought it made sense for Han to die to bring closure to the series, but that George Lucas scrapped that idea because he didn't think they wouldn't sell as many toys. Which is the exact same reason that Dora the Explorer continues not to be killed off in her hit series.

han die
One day Dora. One day. The grim reaper comes for us all, in the end.

Why do you like dressing like Harrison Ford so much? Why do you like waiting in his bathroom for him to come home so much? Let us know in the comments below!


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