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7 Most Annoying Brothers In Movie History


Listen, we all love our brothers, but sometimes they can just be so damn annoying. And by sometimes, I mean constantly and forever annoying. In the new movie Fun Size (coming out today), Victoria Justice plays Wren, a teenager who is put in charge of her pesky little brother Albert.

albert fun size

I have this same outfit!

Albert runs off when Wren takes him along to her crush’s party, and of course hilarious hi-jinks ensue as she tries to get him back. Victoria Justice talked about Fun Size in her recent episode of My Day, My Life.



Fun Size's Albert isn't the only brother to cause trouble in the movies. Here are some of the most annoying male siblings ever put on film.


Kip – Napoleon Dynamite

annyoing kip dynamite

Kip Dynamite is probably the only guy who can make Napoleon look cool in comparison. Kip does get babes on the internet, though.


Manny - Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Manny diary of a wimpy kid

Manny is a freakin’ toddler, but he still manages to be as annoying as a several full-grown Nicki Minaj songs. How bad is he going to get when a teenager?


Loki - Thor/The Avengers

annoying brothers loki

Sure, he's technically adopted and technically a frost giant, but Loki was raised as Thor's brother, which makes it really annoying the way he tries to kill Thor and then take over Earth.


Luke Skywalker - Star Wars

annoying luke skywalker

The first time we see Luke, he's whining about power converters. Shut up, dude. How are power converters even fun? Later when he's making the desperate last attack on the Death Star, Luke turns off the targeting computer and doesn't have the common decency to let everyone know he's a Jedi in training. I know if I was a member of the Rebel Alliance and the fate of the galaxy was riding on ONE torpedo shot, I'd want to know what was going on besides some new pilot basically going YOLO. Oh, and he made out with his sister and cut off his dad's hand. Classic annoying brother behavior


Buzz - Home Alone

Buzz home alone

Lots of people have to deal with bullies, but Buzz is a member of Kevin's own family. At least have the common courtesy to bully friends and neighbors, Buzz.


Jonas Brothers

annoying jonas brothers

I'm including all three of them, since they've technically been in movies, and they are technically annoying.


Scar - The Lion King

annoying brother scar lion king

Because nothing is more annoying than killing your brother and stealing the throne.


Are there any other annoying brothers we missed? Are you going to see Fun Sized? Let us know down below!

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