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Did This Man Rise From The Grave As A 'Zombie?'


Angelina Narcisse was walking through her local market in Haiti when all of a sudden, she runs into this brother who she hasn't seen for 18 years, Clairvius Narcisse. Oh, also? Angelina hadn't seen Clairvius in 18 years because he DIED 18 years ago. Like, he was put in the GROUND as she watched. Talk about your awkward situations.

sitting by grave
From now on, I'm not giving money to ANYONE claiming to be my dead
brother until I see their grave first.


Tests of intimate family knowledge showed that this was, in fact, Clairvius Narcisse. So how does someone come back from the dead? Here's what happened: Clairvius was definitely buried, and did emerge from his grave, but he wasn't dead. But he DID become a zombie.

I'll explain. It sounds like Clairvius was the victim of a plot, and was given a specific kind of poison that made him APPEAR dead, while he was actually in a coma. Then, after he was buried, Clairvius' grave was dug up by the group poisoning these dead people and he was taken to a sugar plantation. There he was drugged and forced to work the field. There were other men in this plantation in similar states, and they were refered to as "zombies".

zombies on the streets
Less magical than these kinds of zombies, but equally horrifying.

One of the craziest aspects of this story is that Clairvius was pronounced dead at a HOSPITAL by DOCTORS, not some whackadoo grandmother who thinks her dog dies everytime it goes to sleep. And MOST insane of all, he was pronounced dead by docotors who were trained in AMERICA. We all know those are the best kinds of doctors.

kid getting sucker from doctor
America utilizes the most advanced lollipop technologies.

So while this isn't a real-life zombie story in the way movies have presented zombies, it has the same elements — both a chemical attack costs many their humanity, turning them into mindless, shuffling shells of their former selves AND evil non-zombie'd humans who are the REAL monsters. Except in this story, instead of military generals who "don't care HOW many civilians get killed", we have plantation owners who are stealing the lives of innocent people for their own monetary gains. It doesn't sound like the kind of thing someone could do to their fellow man. LEX LUTHOR would be disgusted by this, and Lex Luthor is basically the most evil guy I know.

lex luthor
"Let's grind kittens into the pasta and not tell the press."

Can you imagine anything more horrifying than being drugged against your will and forced to work the fields while your family thinks you're dead? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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