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7 Totally Useless College Degrees


Seeing as a butt-ton of perfectly competent college graduates are unemployed these days, the argument could be made that all college degrees are useless. Some degrees, however, are more superfluous than others. Mark my words: the degrees on this list will NEVER get you employed. If you’re planning on matriculating on these bad boys, you may as well cut out the middle man and flush your parents’ money down a toilet.



useless college degrees philosophy


Majoring in philosophy, a.k.a. “the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence,” is essentially the same thing as majoring in getting high and "thinking about stuff, maaaan." Getting high and thinking about stuff, however, won’t get you $100,000 worth of student loan debt. Worst case scenario, you’ll spend about $100 in Frito Lay products.



useless college degrees latin


Latin is a dead language; the only thing deader are the job prospects of the fools who major in it. The only way you can make money with a Latin degree is if you get your master’s and teach other ancient history obsessed dweebs – but how could you live with yourself knowing you’re creating even more unemployable people?



useless college degrees english


You already know how to speak it, so what's the point in majoring in it? The only English you'll be using with this degree is, "Welcome to Starbucks, how can I help you?" and “The restroom is for customers only, sir.”


Fashion Design

useless college degrees fashion design


The reason why those annoying-ass girls on "The Hills" were able to parlay their fashion degrees into jobs at Teen Vogue is because they were rich and on TV. You're not rich or on TV. Also, you still wear Uggs. You have no place telling people how to dress. Better just start working at Forever 21 now – play your cards right, and you might be a manager in four years.



useless college degrees theater


Less than one percent of all actors, professionally trained or not, ever make it big in the entertainment industry. The other 99 percent spend their entire lives driving around the San Fernando Valley, trying (in vain) to get cast in Arby’s commercials. Getting a degree in theater is like getting a degree in desperation.


Art History

useless college degrees art history


Quick – name a famous art historian. What’s that? You can’t? That’s weird, seeing as so many art historians get pumped out of universities on a yearly basis. The only thing you can really do with an art history degree is work in a gallery or museum. Get ready to embrace the silence, genius.


Pop Culture

useless college degrees pop culture


Ohio’s Bowling Green State University is the only college in America to offer a degree in Pop Culture. Ostensibly, the reason why the major hasn’t caught on in the rest of the country is because it’s completely useless. The only way for you to recoup the money you spent on your tuition would be if you got a job talking about Thundercats on VH1 – but VH1 doesn’t play crap like that anymore.


What other degrees are a total waste of time, money and energy? Let me know in the comments!


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