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7 Classes You Should Take To Get Ready For 'The Hunger Games'


As you probably know, The Hunger Games is an annual televised event where two teenagers from each of Panem’s 12 districts fight to the death. There can be only one victor, so why not have that victor be YOU? Like so many things in life, the right education can be essential to your success in the Hunger Games. Here are the high school classes you should take to get ready for the Hunger Games.


Home Economics

hunger games high school classes peeta paint

Sword? Nah, I’ll just practice with this paint brush.

Remember when Peeta painted himself, in the woods, to look exactly like a rock? He learned that decorating cakes. CAKES. Now, I don’t know why people are ordering cakes that look like rocks, but they probably teach you how to do that in Home Economics. As a bonus, chicks dig guys who can bake bread.


hunger games high school classes bread




hunger games high school classes biology

Pro tip: When dealing with Tracker Jackers, don’t put up your hood. Your ponytail should be enough protection.

Knowledge of biology helps you know which kind of bees are just bees, and which are horrific genetically-modified wasps. Drop a regular bee hive on your enemies, and they get a few stings, and a ton of free honey. However, drop some Tracker Jackers on your enemies, and they’ll be screaming as their skin swells up and their body fills with hallucinogenic venom. It’s science!



hunger games high school classes

Pictured: math

What if you don’t even want to BE in the Hunger Games? Well, if you study statistics, you know you tributes have only about a 4% chance of living. Yikes! To reduce your chances of not being alive anymore, you got to run the numbers on how many tesserae you want to sign up for.



hunger games high school classes bow

An arrow of mass m is fired from a bow. The string exerts an average force of F on the arrow over a distance d.

A lot of using a bow and arrow is practice, but if you really want to understand what is going on, you are going to need to study the physics. Hopefully you grab a backpack with some supplies, water, AND a graphing calculator.



hunger games high school classes running

Girl indeed I can run it, run it

Cardio cardio cardio! Running for your life as a middle-school girl tries to kill you with a throwing knife is a LOT easier if you already have a good fitness regimen.


Public Speaking

hunger games high school classes public speaking

Let’s talk about girls I want to date.

Part of success in the Hunger Games is getting wealthy Capitol citizens to give you sponsor gifts. Making a good impression before the games even start can be a huge help, so turn on the charm, and let the world know it would be sad if someone threw a spear through your head.



hunger games high school classes

Yay! Let’s form a team!

Not every school offers this, but man, is it helpful.


What are some other classes you should take to get ready to compete in the Hunger Games? Let us know down below.


Check out the Hunger Games on DVD and Blu-ray on 8/18!

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