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Comic Book Movies That Need A Reboot


Hollywood loves comic book movies. The only thing that Hollywood loves more than comic book movies is rebooting franchises. They already have a built in audience so they seem like a safe choice for executives worried about their jobs. They seem to remake all kinds of things that get rebooted for no reason. Here are 7 comic book movies that should be rebooted:


Fantastic Four

Fantastic 4 1994


I don't really even care about seeing a Fantastic Four movie. I just want Galactus. Give me Galactus! And I don't want some space cloud or the idea that Galactus is in all of us. I want a purple helmet, I want a giant spaceship, and I want him to devour planets. Unfortunately, it seems that the only way to get Galactus would be through another Fantastic Four movie. Make it happen!



Batman Dancing Batusi


Christopher Nolan has said that he doesn't intend to make another Batman movie. This leaves a huge hole in the heart of fanboys everywhere that think Nolan finally got the character right. Instead of getting some lesser director to keep the franchise going, they should reboot the series. There is a wealth of untouched Batman stories spanning 70 years to pull from. I don't care what they make, just don't let the stories die.


Green Lantern

Green Lantern Squirrel Chp


The Green Lantern should have been the next Batman. Instead, it was given to a director who had previously only made action films. It also doesn't help that the writer is an executive producer of Fred: The Show. They just simply weren't the team to deliver on the potential of a Green Lantern movie. Give us a real sci-fi director and a real writer and give the franchise what it deserves.


Spawn or Ghostrider

Spawn Fights Ghostrider


Spawn and Ghostrider are bad@$$. Plain and simple. Spawn is one of the coolest and most beloved independent superheroes on the market. Ghostrider is a skull demon that rides a motorcycle. Dark and violent comic book movies have become the norm in our modern age. These reboots should go for hard R's and keep the love stories to a minimum. You are superheroes from hell! ACT LIKE IT! (And keep Nicolas Cage far away!)


The Rocketeer

Rocketeer American Flag


Steampunk is really cool and there still hasn't been a really major movie to capture exactly what steampunk is all about. Hand this franchise over to someone like Guillermo del Toro, Darren Aronofsky, or David Lynch. It will go down in history as a masterpeice of steampunk cinema.


Howard The Duck

howard duck comic panel


Howard The Duck is hilarious. It's been 26 years since the last Howard The Duck movie. Now that Disney owns the rights to Marvel's catalog it seems like the perfect time bring Howard back for a new adventure. They'll be able to go back to his original look which is a lot closer to Donald Duck without the fear of Disney litigation. The direction they should go is a parody of the gritty “realistic” approach that a lot of the more successful movies use.



Daredevil Comic Panel


Daredevil might hold the title for the worst comic book movie ever made. From beginning to end, it really has no redeeming qualities. It's so bad that it's not even to fun to watch as a drinking game. They could put a Daredevil mask on a chimpanzee for two hours and follow it with a camera. That would be a better movie.


Why comic book movies do you think need a reboot? Let me know @zachlunch or tell us in the comments!


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