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Former Baywatch Babe Falls Off a Mountain Looking for Noah's Ark


Sometimes, when I sit down to write a story for internet website Smosh.com, I come across a headline like Justin Bieber terrorizes grandmother on Twitter that seems really stupid. Then I look into it a bit more and realize that there's a very simple exmplination, like, say, Justin Bieber's Twitter was hacked. So I've learned, when I read these types of headlines, to keep an open mind and give it some time.

Anyhow, Donna D'Errico is searching for Noah's ark.

donna derrico
Keep an open mind. Give it some time.

And then she fell off a mountain.

mountain, mount araraat
Okay, so it doesn't get less stupid. Great.

Yes, a search for Noah's ark on Mount Ararat in Turkey has left the former Baywatch babe's face in pretty rough shape. It's never good to see a fellow human being hurt, but why was D'Errico looking for Noah's ark on a mountain? Did Noah not have time to sail away from one of the highest points in the world before the world-cleansing flood had dissipated? And even if he was stuck, couldn't he push it back off the mountain along with a couple of the polar bears and gorillas he saved and, one can assume, befriended?

noahs ark
"The free ride ends TODAY, giraffes."

D'Errico told TMZ that, despite the fall, she will go back to continue her search. It seems like finding the ark is a childhood dream and one she's not willing to abandon. I can kind of see where she's coming from — my childhood dream was to find the Power Rangers control center, and it was hard to give up.

power rangers command center
But then I realized my childhood dream,
like every childhood dream, didn't make any sense.


Do you think Donna D'Errico will find Noah's ark? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!

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