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Is President Bill Clinton A BRONY!?


No matter what your politics, I think we all can agree that former president Bill Clinton is kind of a rock star. Unless you're a hardcore hater, then you can't admit anything good about him. POO POO ON YOU! Well now comes the news that this former Rhodes Scholar and Most Powerful Man in the World is also ---wait for it---A BRONY!?! I guess when he's not busy trying to save the world through his foundation or massaging the Secretary of State's shoulders after a tough day on the job, he's hitting it up with Applejack! Makes me feel slightly better about my Toddlers and Tiaras obsession. But not really.

bill clinton brony applejack

Applejack. You know he'd hit that.


Clinton's recently taped  appearance on the NPR radio show, Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me! is making Bronies feel all kinds of legit.  One of the show's most popular segments, called Not My Job,  quizzes famous people on subjects you would assume they know nothing about. The show's host, Peter Sagal, thought for sure he would stump the former Prez with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Trivia.  WRONG! Clinton aced all three questions, making Bronies all of a sudden more awesome for me.

bill clinton brony


Clinton impressed the panel and audience alike, with his knowledge of Cutie Marks, Rarity's love of makeovers and his quick identification of Pony nemesis, the evil Nightmare Moon. And in the process he may have forever squashed society's mean-spirited stereotype of Bronies being nothing more than fleshlight-loving, basement-dwelling, creepy dudes who may possibly murder you one day. Well, maybe that stereotype hasn't been completely eradicated. A man can only do so much people!

bill clinton brony  murderer meme


Of course it is completely possible that he may not be a Brony, it may be that he's just an incredibly gifted guesser. Although I don't think it would hurt for other politicians to maybe jump on the Brony bandwagon. Come on Obama! You need to go after every voting demographic you can!

bill clinton brony obama


What do you think of this  surprising revelation? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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