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Japanese Wendy's to Serve LOBSTER Burgers?


There are a few differences between thr United States and Japan. Like, at least seven. For instance, here in America, we don't have used panty vendy machines. Or Hello Kitty toyshops outnumbering grocery stores. We do have a sh*t ton of Starbucks though, so America isn't completely off the hook.

starbucks across from starbucks
Hey, homeless people have to take baths too.

But the latest line in the sand between America and Japan has been drawn at fast food chain Wendy's, where the Japanese market has been introduced to lobster burgers.

lobster burgers wendys japan
Japanese Wendy's: Where elegance meets sadness.

Consisting of a single square meat patty and some strips of lobster, the aptly-named Surf and Turf burger will cost around 16 dollars. So does that seem like a lot? I mean, it is lobster, but think about all the other stupid garbage could the Japanese be spending that money on?

japan cat cafe
Why, that's like a half hour at one of those weird lonely cat cafes!

I honestly don't know which if this is a win for Japan or not. Sure, fast food lobster is one of the top five grossest ideas ever concocted by man, but at the same time, maybe throwing it on a cheap salty meat square is the very best way to consume lobster. I mean, what the hell does America know about seafood?

marth smash bros
Our 7/11s sell sushi, so obviously nothing.

Would you try the lobster burger? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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