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6 Signs You're on a Last Date


Things were so great for the two of you. But then it began to change. They started smiling less. They started sighing more. They started hiding behind furniture whenever you approached. But how do you really know if the next time you two go out is the last time you two will ever be together?


Lack of Eye Contact

last date hair covering face


When someone can’t look you right in the eye it means one of three things: They’re shy, you’re currently standing in front of an 800-watt bulb and direct eye contact will sear their retinas, or they’re hiding something. And usually what that person is hiding is a secret that will end your relationship—like the fact that looking at you will remind them how they’d rather be in their car…in their garage…with the garage door and car windows closed and the motor running.


Not Laughing at a Single Funny Thing You Say

last date man not laughing


Laughter is crucial in a relationship because it expresses joy and proves a mutual understanding or at least a connection. Of course, constant laughter may indicate extreme nervousness or a life as a supervillain, especially if they tend to tent their fingers and break into hysterics whenever mentioning “weather control.” But when your date doesn’t laugh at a single thing you say it either means that they’re no longer emotionally involved in the relationship or all of your jokes end with “orange you glad I didn’t say banana?”


Arms, Legs, Maybe Even Lungs Crossed

last date crossed arms crossed legs


When someone crosses their arms it shows defensiveness. When someone crosses their arms and legs it shows they are putting a physical and emotional barrier between the two of you. When someone crosses their arms and legs and tucks their head into their chest it shows they want to be as far away from you as possible…or they are entering a cocooning stage and within a few days will emerge a beautiful butterfly right inside a Ruby Tuesdays.


One Word Responses

last date man looking bored


A relationship is about having an open dialogue. If someone starts responding to your questions or stories with a simple “yes,” “no,” “meh,” or “bye” it means that they no longer want to share their own thoughts and emotions with you. It may also mean you brought a polygraph machine on your date, which would betray a level of trust one usual expects at least during a movie.


Making Love to Their Cell Phone

last date woman bar smartphone


There are a lot of way someone can indicate they’ve completely checked out of a relationship: Asking the waiter to leave them the menu after ordering so they can have something to read during the date, playing the bongos on the restaurant table while going into hard and fast beats whenever you start talking, or checking their phone every second to email, text, call for someone to pick them up right now, or tweet that they could not be more bored, completely forgetting that you follow them on Twitter.


Shows up Having Already Eaten

last date man wiping mouth


Or shows up having already seen the movie you were supposed to watch together. Or shows up with the trophy for the Halloween costume contest you were supposed to enter together. Or just shows up at someone else’s house for the date you were supposed to have together. After all, it’s the little things that really indicate this may be it.

What ares some other isgns it might be over? Let us know in the comments!

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