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Superheroes That Need Their Own Arrow-Esque TV Show


I watched a few episodes of the CW's Arrow show, and it was all right, I guess, but I was all "Who is this Green Arrow? Arrows aren't green, they're brown, and more importantly, why isn't this show about a superhero I know about?" So I'm going to list the superheroes who need their own show like Arrow, a show that describes the hero's origins and path to obtaining their superpowers and heroic identities, in the hopes that it'll find it's way to CW executives.



arrow batman


Sure, everyone loves the suited-up, gravelly voiced Christian Bale Batman. But how did that Batman come to be? I mean, sure we had Batman Begins, but how does the Batman of Batman Begins begin? I think it'd be fun to see a prequel-style series that hints at the best parts of the Batman mythos. For instance, if Bruce wore a sweater over his shoulders and get the bottom caught in a paper shredder, thus resembling his future cape. Or, Bruce could take his old pal Harvey Dent out to lunch, and Harvey could order half a sandwich. Or maybe Bruce gets stabbed twice in the head and it makes his shadow look sort of like bat ears.


The Flash

real life the flash


I'll tell you one thing about The Flash — he runs fast. Yessir. I feel like a show depicting the early years of The Flash would be nothing but a man running very quickly for an hour a week. And that. Is. It. Running fast. I know that sounds boring, but think about what an interesting, experimental approach to avant garde television it would be! This show could put the CW in the same dignified air as that Tree of Life movie and the weird guy from every film school ever whose senior thesis is just, like, an angry man breaking plates and ripping up stuffed animals.


Booster Gold

arrow booster gold


A time-traveler from the future, Booster Gold uses future technology to convince the world that he's a superhero while simultaneously accruing as much wealth and fame as he can. While seemingly frivolous, Booster Gold actually says a lot about us as human beings — would we truly use superpowers for noble purposes, or is man so corrupt, so morally bankrupt, that we utilize that which is most special about us to manipulate and take advantage of those weaker than ourselves? It's a fascinating question — one that asks questions about morality and the very nature of man.

He also has a robot sidekick named Skeets so, you know, that's some ratings gold right there.



arrow aquaman


Okay, imagine Smallville, but now replace the best friend characters with fish. You look me in the eye and TELL ME it wouldn't be hilarious to see a regular human man talking about how to get a date to the Senior Prom with some stupid fish.


Winston Churchill

arrow churchill


A Winston Churchill origin TV series would show us how the hero of the second world war gained the greatest superpower of all — the gift of inspiring oratory. It'd be GODDAMN ACTION-PACKED.



arrow wolverine


A Wolverine TV series would be a lot like the Flash series as described above, but instead of nonstop running, it would feature the nonstop slicing up of guys. So better in every conceivable way than that Flash series, is what I'm saying.


Wonder Woman

arrow wonder woman


Unlike most superheroes who grew up in the real world, with regular parents who loved and supported them, Wonder Woman on Paradise Island, a crazy land where Amazonian women create daughters out of clay and fight monsters from Greek mythology. So with a Wonder Woman show, we'd get all the same relationship and paternal drama we would from a traditional CW show, except the main character would also fight a minotaur. And as we all know, things are always radder when you add a minotaur. Just look at God of War, Magic: The Gathering, or the 1964 presidential campaign.

That's not to say that either President Lyndon Johnson or Senator Barry Goldwater were minotaurs, per se, but can't you just feel how interesting that campaign would be if they were?


Which superhero show do you most want to see? Let me know on Twitter at @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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