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5 Ways Sims College Is Better Than Real College


The Sims 3: University Life is about to drop and personally I couldn’t be more excited to get my hands on it. I mean what could be better than having the college experience without all the social and academic hassles of college IRL, am I right? Here’s a look at 5 ways Sims College is better than real college.


Less majors to choose from

sims university 3 majors

I don’t know about you, but it took me forever to decide on my major. Communications? Business? Whatever major that will enable me to design video games? GAH! Making decisions as an adult is hard! But at Sims University, there is a perfectly reasonable amount of choices. You will pick one. No pressure. Your mom will be proud. Until she finds out it’s just your virtual degree.


Streak with no real world consequences

sims university 3 streaking

Am I the only one who feels like I’m 99% there when it comes to streaking but am still unable to take the plunge? I’ve got cold feet when it comes to having a cold every other body part. Luckily, streaking is one of the many interactions you can do at Sims University. While your Sim can get arrested for streaking, you’re not left footing the ticket! Although it still makes me a little nervous to get all naked. Maybe I’m not really 99% there after all. Perhaps I’ll go for the Socially Awkward trait instead. Why go too far outside of my comfort zone?


You actually can throw the best parties ever!

sims university 3 parties toga

Most college parties for me had cheap beer, stale chips and unwanted acoustic guitar concerts. When you are living in the Sims world, you can have the coolest parties on campus, and if anything gets destroyed, it’s merely virtual. And if you want to take the party to the NEXT LEVEL, check out the Partaeus Maximus statue, which allows you to throw everything from raging toga parties to intriguing masquerades. Your guests will be talking about your soirees for days!



sims university 3 kissing

Even kissing is better in the virtual university setting! Kissing interactions at Sims University include, the ‘Heat of the Moment kiss’, the ‘Juiced kiss’ and the ‘Cinnamon kiss’. Real college kisses include the ‘End of the night and you’re the only one left’ kiss, the ‘Sauced kiss’ and the ‘Fire Hot Cheetos kiss’. This choice is a total no brainer!


If you get expelled from Sims University, you still become an ‘Adult’

sims university 3 adult  expelled

Yes, there is still academic probation and even expulsion at Sims University. But if that happens you still become an ‘adult’. Your ‘young adult’ age will just have a big X through it and you won’t get some of the benefits a college degree will bring you. IRL if you get kicked out of college, you will most likely move back to your parents house and end up staying there way past your dependent due date. Parents approaching retirement shouldn’t be microwaving their grown children Hot Pockets while they’re having a marathon gaming session. Trust me!

What are some other ways Sims U is better than real college? Let us know in the comments!

Check Out Sims University Life HERE!

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