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The World's Worst Tattoo Is Fixed!


We've all seen it — the legendary portrait tattoo of a beautiful bride that was anything but. Seemingly circulating the internet since we were all on dial up, this tattoo is THE poster child for cringe-worthy ink.

worst tattoo porait
No matter how bad your life is, at least you've never made a mistake like this.

Well, the infamous tattoo was recently presented to Scott Versago, a tattoo artist from Akron, Ohio. The man was looking to have it fixed. "I'm sure you've all seen it a million times online, as had I," Versago said. "I couldn't believe my eyes when this guy walked in and showed me this project. I think my jaw literally hit the floor." And OF COURSE it did, because this is the biggest challenge for any tattoo artist could ever be presented. It's like having Daenerys Targarian walk into your clinic on your first day as a veterinarian.

realistic dragon
"He just won't stop nipping!"

While working on the tattoo correction, Versago heard the story of the tattoo. Apparently, the man in the tattoo had lost his wife in a fire shortly after they were married. He got the tattoo shortly after to memorialize her, and obviously, the results were less than favorable. There hasn't been a more disrespectful tribute to a dead person since Marlon Brando was put posthumously into Superman Returns.

brando superman returns
Although, it was pretty disrespectful to put ANY actor into Superman Returns.

And so, Versago fixed the tattoo, and even gifted the entire thing to the gentleman who had lived so long with the atrocious tattoo. The result is gorgeous, and provides a happy ending to one of the internet's longest running cringe-inducers.

worst tattoo fixed
Let's hope we someday get the same kind of closure from Leroy Jenkins.

Do you finally have hope that your terrible portrait tattoo can be saved? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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