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5 Actors *Almost* Cast On Disney Channel Shows


Don't you just love finding out who was almost cast in roles made famous by another actor? First of all it's kind of fun to think of famous people being rejected. They're just like us, right? And then it's also cool to imagine how different the role would've been if it was played by them. Here's a look at 5 actors who were almost cast on Disney Channel shows!


Taylor Momsen as Hannah Montana

 almost cast disney channel stars hannah montana


O.M.G. This one is kind of perfect. I mean Taylor does fancy herself a rock star now, so it would be funny to see her turn Hannah all dark and twisty around season 3. Taylor has been quoted as saying that she is grateful she didn't accept the role. I kind of wish she did. Then maybe we would've been spared the success of Miley Cyrus and everything that came along with it. Think about it...we could still think Liam Hemsworth was cool!


Joe Jonas as Justin Russo (Wizards of Waverly Place)

 almost cast disney channel stars joe jonas


This casting would have totally ruined this show. First of all, no one would believe Joe Jonas as a braniac science geek. Sorry, pretty boy! Plus having him on the show would have probably made the producers make Justin an aspiring musician. And nothing is more annoying than hearing music played by someone named Jonas. Especially when you aren't hypnotized by seductive camera glances. 


JoJo as Hannah Montana

almost cast disney channel stars jojo hannah montana

Ya gotta love that Miley was SO not the first choice for Hannah Montana. JoJo claims that she has no regrets about passing up the role that made Miley Cyrus a star. And why should she? She was recently cast on a episode of Hawaii Five-0. Um okay, JoJo...I wonder what her single 'Disaster' was about?  Career moves? Just curious!


Bridgit Mendler as Sonny Munroe (Sonny With A Chance)

almost cast disney channel stars sonny munroe

Bridgit went on to star in the hit series Good Luck Charlie, but she was almost cast as Sonny Munroe a part that eventually went to Demi Lovato. I'm kind of glad it never happened, because I don't like when bad things happen to Demi Lovato. I get stressed out worrying about this girl, because you know apparently I have nothing better to do than worry about rich celebs that I've never met with problems, instead of worrying about my own problems.  Hold me!


Lindsay Lohan as Lizzie McGuire

 almost cast disney channel stars lizzie mcguire lohan


Ohhh burn! I guess Lindsay eventually showed Hilary! Until she ruined it all by being all kinds of effed up and then Hilary was all like 'And I have a super cute baby and happy marriage! Have fun on probation.' There are rumors that Hilary's sister Haylie originally auditioned for the role and lost it to her little sis. That's too sad for me to even contemplate. Of all the people in Hollywood, I want to give Haylie Duff a hug the most. And then advise her to give up onan acting career. It just makes us all too uncomfortable, right?

Were you surprised by any of these? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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