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Leonard Cooper Wins Teen Jeopardy with an AWESOME Answer!


If you've ever watched Teen Jeopardy, you know it's populated by nerd kids who look like they were born nine months premature, wearing dandruff-laden suits and somehow talking at age 12 like they're in the goddamn British Parliament. And while that's who populated two thirds of the most recent tournament, those weird little wiener kids were soundly defeated by Little Rock, Arkansas' Leonard Cooper.

And he did it without even giving a sh*t.

Cooper shrugged his way through a bunch of questions and rolled his eyes when he got a Daily Double, only to bet all his money on the question and take the lead. Later, when Cooper wins the game by answering the question "On June 6 1944 he said 'the eyes of the world are upon you'" with the the nonchalant answer "WHO IS some guy in Normandy But I just won 75,000!", Jeopardy host Alex Trebek forced a laugh and called Cooper over to congratulate him. Trebek went on to say "One of the thing I love about the teen tournament is these guys have marvelous senses of humor!" But I have to imagine Trebek hates people dicking around on Jeopardy. There is no way Trebek didn't totally wreck up his dressing room after the show.

destroyed dressing room

Here's my question — did Cooper have to write down that he'd won 75,000 before he'd won 75,000? I mean, you can't go back and change your answer after your opponents have already shared theirs, can you? If the other kids had gotten it right, or bet bigger, I assume Cooper's answer would still read "I just won 75,000".

It's not a huge deal to lose at Jeopardy — two thirds of its contestants always do — but to brag about winning before you've actually won? That added stakes to the final round. It's like at the end of A Few Good Men, when Naval lawyer Tom Cruise can mostly question his superior officer Jack Nicholson like he would any other witness, but accusing him of murder could send Tom Cruise to jail.

tom crusie a few good men
"Holy christ, I really can't handle the truth."

Had Cooper written that he'd won, and proceeded to not win, this would be a much different story — one about the most shameful bravado ever displayed on a game show.

Well, maybe the second most shameful bravado ever displayed on a game show.

greek myth millionaire
She got the question wrong despite the fact that she was a Roman deity.

What would you do with 75,000 dollars? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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