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Local TV Station Announces ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Has Begun!


There are few things more sacred than taking a sick day from work. When you call your boss, lie about this "weird throat thing you have happening here", and commit to staying home, you best believe you will spend the day doing absolutely nothing productive. So what could be more jarring in that near-comatose state than learning the zombie apocalypse is upon you? Stockpiling ammo and boarding up windows is really hard work.

boarding up windows
"Yeah, I'd WAAAY rather be doing this than eating potato chips and touching myself."

So imagine how these useless layabouts felt when Montana's KRTV station played the following emergency warning over their Monday afternoon Steve Wilkos Show broadcast, alerting its viewers that the dead had risen from the grave and were attacking the living:

The end of the world is scary and all, but I have to know — will the teen cheaters still be talking lie detectors?

The broadcast turned out to be a hoax, as a Michigan station that was also pranked has since traced the hack to overseas sources. That means that someone has been abusing the Emergency Broadcast System. This is a fairly dangerous prank, since it could teach people to ignore the alerts when a real emergency occurs, leading to people being caught in disasters unaware.

broken house
"A hurri-WHAT's going on?"

To be honest, I'm kind of getting sick of waiting for the zombie apocalypse. I feel like we've been teased with it so often by movies, video games, and guys who eat other guys' faces that by the time it finally gets here, I'll be over it. Hey, society? When the zombie apocalypse really happens, I'm not even going to believe it. You're basically the boy who cried "zombie". At this point, it's going to take a lot for me to believe the zombie apocalypse is really happening.

being eaten by zombies
"STILL not buyin' it, guys!"

How do you suspect we'll discover the dead are walking the Earth? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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