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5 Controversial Teachers Who Shouldn't Have Been Fired


There a lot of teachers that get fired for doing all sorts of awful things. I know that sometimes the firings are completely justified. A lot of times, people get fired for really dumb reasons. Someone needs to stand up for these teachers. If not me, then who? Here are controversial teachers who shouldn't have gotten fired.


Once A Porn Star, Always A Porn Star

Stacie Halas


Usually if a porn star says that she is just working her way through school, she's lying. IN this case, that was the truth. Stacie Halas of Oxnard, California was fired after some of her students found videos of her on-line starring in hardcore porn movies. Of course, these videos spread around the school like wild fire and she was fired for it. She wasn't fired for any reason other than her previous profession. I think they should have kept her on staff to show students that no matter how bad things get, you can always pull yourself up by your stripper boot straps and make a nice life for yourself. All the kids learned from her firing is that if you make one bad mistake then you'll never be able to get away from it no matter how hard you try.


Tweet Like Nobody's Watching

Carly McKinney


Everyone knows that Facebook is for posting real stuff and Twitter is for posting jokes. Carly McKinney of Colorado had a Twitter account where she posted jokes about getting high and school and her students being jail bait. There were also some tasteful, artistic, nude photos that she Tweeted. Unfortunately, school boards tend to not have a very good sense of humor or very good taste in art. As of right now, she hasn't be officially fired, but is on probation. It's not looking good though. I'm glad Smosh doesn't fire me for all of the tasteful nudes I post on Twitter of myself.


Sometimes Blogs Get A Little Too Real

Natalie Monroe


Here's a teacher who got fired for being way too honest. Natalie Monroe of Pennsylvania got fired for writing blog posts about how much she hated her students. I'm sure there are a lot of teachers who hate their students, but when you post all of that hate on a blog then you run the risk of getting in majro trouble. She said things like her students dressed as street walkers, they were lazy whiners, and they were frightfully dim. Maybe she was just calling it like she saw it. Either way, I'd like to have her as a teacher because maybe she'd actually shame some kids in to giving a crap about being educated.


No One Has Real Privacy On Facebook

spanish inquisition


You really have to be careful what you do on Facebook. Abby Nurre was a teacher at an Iowa Catholic school. On her private Facebook page, she answered a poll by saying that she didn't believe in God and then later psoted an article that was linked from an Atheist website. That was grounds enough for the school to decide that she shouldn't be a teacher any more. She defended herself by saying that she told the school that she wasn't Catholic when she got the job. The thing about hardcore Catholics is that they don't really give a lot of leeway when it comes to things that they deem blasphemous. If this had been a few hundred years ago, she would have been burned at the stake by the Spnish Inquisition so I guess she kind of got off easy.


In Florida, Hogwarts Is A Type Of Rash

wizard in suit


This is by far the most ridiculous one on this list. Jim Piculas was a substitute teacher in rural Florida. At the beginning of class, he would often do a magic trick to try to get the kid's attention so they could start the day. The magic trick consisted of him making a toothpick disappear and then reappear. Apparently, some people both still believe in and are scared of magic. After a complaint about his show of demonic power, he was fired by the school for "wizardry." I'm pretty sure if this dude had legit magic powers, he wouldn't be wasting his time in rural Florida as a substitute teacher.


Which teacher do you wish you had at your school? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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