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6 Alternatives To Duck Face


I’m very over duck face. Contorting your mouth into a beak-like flare does not make you more attractive; it just serves to expose how much you are not Jim Carrey. Where’s the funny face creativity? The world is full of endless Insta-possibilities! I’ll give you a few to get your flashers going.


Hippo Face

duck alts hippo face

Why are ducks the only animals that get selfie attention? Hippos need love, too! Do this as a form of shorthand when you’re texting friends about being hungry! Or if you’d like someone to take you to the ballet! Or if you are eating and can’t be bothered to stop!


Home Alone Face

duck alts home alone

I would like to see if anyone can accomplish the double-hander. Or how many people break their phones in the process.


Roadkill Face

duck alts roadkill face

We deserve more truthful depictions of animals on Instagram. For every cute puppy, let’s have three roadkill representations. Real life is beautiful.


Gollum Face

duck alts gollum face

Because everyone deserves a chance to show off their “MY PRECIOUS” skills. You know you’re doing this at home, in the mirror, every night before you go to bed.


Pure Judgment

duck alts judgment face

We could just call it like it is. You’re mostly there to judge your friends’ attractiveness, social life, and food choices. Let’s see what your face looks like when you’re looking at Instagram!


Darkwing Duck Face

duck alts dark wing

I anticipate it being difficult to wean oneself off duck faces. Perhaps meet your instincts halfway with Darkwing Duck Face? Nostalgia points and excuse to hide chin acne, all in one.


What other faces should we be making more of? Let us know in the comments!


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