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Where Mario Can Go Now that He's Explored the Galaxy


Nintendo recently announced that they'll be showing a new 3D Mario game at this year's E3. But since Mario's already covered the Galaxy, and everything is apart of the galaxy, everywhere will be a bit of a rehash. But I believe there are still some places that'll seem fresh in a 3D Mario game. I'll even point them out to you. Here are some places Mario can explore:


Super Mario Mission District, San Francisco

mario the mission san fransisco


This would be one of the hardest Mario games, because not only would you have to FIND stars, you'll also have to avoid being punched in the face and having them stolen when you ride the Muni.


Super Mario Parallel Galaxy

mario alt universe


This is basically the same game as Super Mario Galaxy except everything red is now blue. Listen, some parallel galaxies are just like ours except with small, imperceptible changes. Not every alternate universe has hydrogen-powered blenders and alive John F. Kennedys.


Super Mario Arkham City

mario arkham batman


As Riddler Trophies have taught us, there are tons of places stars could be hidden in Arkham City. But Mario's never dealt with psychotic clowns or Mr. Freezes before, so things will inherently get a little more frightening. Not frightening in a "Boo's Ghost House" way, but frightening in a "Oh wow the stakes here are really high" kind of way. If Mario can't learn to execute combos with the bone-crunching precision and sternum-stuffing efficiency of The Batman, well, he's already dead.


Super Mario Twitterverse

mario twitterverse


Can you imagine Mario navigating the Twitterverse? He'd be running around, hitting @ Replies for power-ups, getting a one-up for every one hundred hashtags he collects, and jumping on the heads of the Twitterverse' most evil villains -- the Sandy Hook truthers.


Super Mario Kenya, His TRUE Birthplace

mario kenya


OH GREAT. There go Mario's hopes for 2016.


Super Mario Area 51

mario area 51


It's one thing to explore Jolly Roger Bay. It's another entirely more horrific thing to explore Area 51. Do you honestly think you're going to bring down black ops helicopters by stunned Mechakoopas?


Where do you hope Mario goes in his next game? Let me know on Twitter at @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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