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The Greatest Pop Culture Lizards!


You all know and love Krogzilla, the big giant lizard just trying to make it in this workaday world, but he isn't the only lizard in pop culture. In fact, we have a long history of telling stories about giant lizards. Here are some of our favorites—


Killer Croc

killer croc


I know, I know, Spider-Man's The Lizard was the star of his movie this summer. But if there's one thing my grandpappy taught me, it's that no matter what the circumstances, Batman tops Spider-Man every time. Every. Time. It was a weird lesson to learn from him. I would've rather learned how to be a good man or how to ask out a girl, but we don't get to choose our family any more than we get to choose which giant lizard supervillain we include in lists about pop culture's greatest lizards for Smosh.com.



godzilla CU


How are you going to list the greatest lizards and not mention Godzilla? It'd be like making a list of Top ten Cheeses and not including cheese.





I actually saw this movie last summer, but hard pressed, I could not tell you a single thing about it. Isn't that weird? not one thing. But hey, Rango is voiced by Johnny Depp, so he must be pretty rad. Johnny Depp has a pretty good record of only playing rtad roles if you discount all the movies he makes with Tim Burton. Jesus Christ, why does he keep doing movies with that guy? Did Johnny Depp one year spill the ashes of Tim Burton's mother all over Thanksgiving dinner?





The best thing about these lizards from Land of the Lost is that the're half-human. Everything's cool when it's half-human, like Minotaurs and Lady Gaga.



reptile mortal kombat


In the first Mortal Kombat, Reptile was jsut some insecure guy wearing basically the same clothes as the cool kids, in this instance Sub-Zero and Scorpion. But he became more and more reptilian as time went on. Could reptile be going through the same DNA modification as Dr. Curt Connors, also known as SPider-Man villain The Lizard? Because if he is I swear to God I will replace him with another Batman villain right goddamn now.


The dragons from Game of Thrones

dragon game of thrones


I'd say the dragons are pretty important on this show, considering one of the main characters, Daenerys Targaryen, spent the entirety of season two doing nothing but shouting "where are my dragons".

"Hey, Daenerys, do you need some water?"
"I'm not really in charge of dragons, I'm more of the water guy..."
"I wish I could help..."
"Look, I don't know where your—"


Which lizard is your favorite lizard? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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