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Youtuber Charles Ross Arrested for Giving Strangers Wedgies!


YouTuber Charles Ross, seemingly known on the internet for his pranks like kissing strangers and his car-enhanced version of parkour called carkour, was arrested Sunday night while filming a new video.

ross mugshot
Not even YOUTUBERS are above the law. Not here in AMERICA.

So what was the internet star doing when he was arrested? Well, he was approaching moviegoers outside the Carmike Royal Palm 20 movie theater and giving them wedgies.

Pictured: Comedy GOLD! Also sociopathy. Sociopathy is also pictured.

Ross reportedly went on a "wedgie spree" while his friend filmed the prank. One 20 year old who was wedgie'd reported Ross to the police, and he was subsequently arrested. Ross was in jail overnight and released the next day on 750 dollars bail.

And hey, this is as good a time as any to wonder about this. When you pay bail money, is that just, like, a fine for committing a crime? What if you didn't do the crime and you're innocent? Do you just lose that money? And do you get anything else for your bail money? Is it just a cost to NOT be in jail?

ross kiss
And what does it say about Ross' "comedy" that I'm less interested in it than BAIL BONDS?

Because, to be honest, this guy NEEDED to get arrested. He has to learn that there are consequences to scaring people, to making them uncomfortable, to humiliating them. His videos aren't clever, or funny, or observant — they're just mean. And when the only consequences of embarrassing people on the street is YouTube stardom, then we've got an imbalance in the world — an imbalance that should unsettle us all.

vader riding merry go round
Right? Doesn't it weird us all out when villains are rewarded?

What pranks have you done that you deserved to be arrested for? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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