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Man Eats Denny's Entire 'Hobbit' Menu... in 20 Minutes!


Professional eater Jamie "The Bear" McDonald walked into a local Denny's recently, pointed to the menu, and said "I'll take all of it". But the menu McDonald ordered wasn't their stock menu — not even a professional eater would touch the Midwestern Meat and Potato Sandwich — it was their recently introduced Hobbit menu. In under 20 minutes, McDonald finished every Middle Earth inspired plate Denny's could imagine.

eating hobbit menu
I was going to say this was an Unexpected Journey™, but he probably planned well enough to come prepared with enough money to both pay the bill and provide a generous tip for the wait staff.

While Denny's Hobbit menu features a lot of food that references Lord of the Rings, like a burger with onion "RINGS" on it and a breakfast served in a "Hobbit-hole", whatever that is, but some of the items from the Hobbit menu don't seem particularly Hobbit-y. Like the grilled cheese sandwich? Is it just "Gandalf's favorite sandwich"? And what is that second plate McDonald eats? Are those just regular eggs and hashbrowns? Are some of Biblo's companions tired of the insanity of their day to day lives, and hoping to come home to a simple, meat-and-potatoes kind of meal?

hobbits eating a meal
"Bifur, couldn't we just have, like, a sandwich?"

The Hobbit menu seems disgusting, but it's one of the least offensive movie-themed menus I've seen. First there was the Cracker Barrel start offering "True Grits" on their breakfast menu. And I didn't even understand Chuck E. Cheese's "The King's Speech" menu. Finally, Burger King's sponsorship of Transformers lead them to make a Whopper that transforms into a Whopper Jr.

whopper jr
EVERY Whopper eventually transforms into a Whopper Jr. just by the nature of it being eaten.

Professional eaters are sometimes said to be the healthiest people amongst us, and that makes sense when you watch McDonald's buff arms cut apart the Gandalf Gobble Melt. But they would only be healthy in a purely physical sense. In the "I know someone in the world loves me and I don't have to do this to prove my worth as a human being" sense, professional eaters are certainly amongst the least healthy. Here's the video, if you want to see a man do something truly awful to himself.

It only takes 20 minutes to eat, but getting to that booth took a lifetime of emotional pain.

What movie-themed menus have you eaten entirely? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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