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Celebrities That Taylor Swift Should Date


Sure, Taylor Swift might have a boyfriend right now, but they'll probably be broken up by the time I finish writing this sentence. I've never set up any real people, but I have set up a lot of my action figures and all of their relationships are working out great. I think that now it's time for me to give some relationship advice to a living human. Here are celebrities that Taylor Swift should date.


Michael Cera

michael cera mustache


Taylor has dated way too many bad boys. That's why things never work out. Michael Cera is the opposite of a bad boy. I'm sure he'd totally stay up with her all night on the phone just chatting away like a nice boy. He'd be great for Taylor. They could totally like cuddle and hold hands and awkwardly look at each other. It'd be super cute, you guys!


The Situation

the situation red carpet


I don't think this would work out, but I do think that dating The Situation would make her want to settle down with someone decent. Sometimes you have to sink to the ultimate depths before you can come out on the other side. A lot of Taylor's relationships have been bad, but none of them have been Jersey Shore cast member bad. She should date The Situation because after dating him she'll be able to finally settle down with someone. Who knows? Maybe they'll fall in love for real and have a million babies.



psy in front of explosions


Psy's career is kind of on the down slide now. He either needs to release a great new song which won't happen or he needs to get in a high profile relationship. Celeb Couple Name: Psylor


Matthew McConaughey

matt holding bongos


A few years ago Matthew McConaughey was arrested at his home playing the bongos naked. They're both musicians so they at least have that in common. I'm pretty sure Taylor's touring band doesn't have any naked bongo players in it currently and they depserately need to fill that position.


Tom Cruise

tom cruise pointing


Word on the street is that Tom Cruise is on the prowl for a new lady. This would be great for Taylor's music career. She is notorious for writing songs that are influenced y her relationships. After spending a little while involved with Scientology, she will probably write a pretty epic space opera. If that happened, I would probably actually watch her music videos with the volume on.


Everyone Else In One Direction

one direction press photo


She's already dated one of them. She might as well go for the rest of the group. Hopefully they would all start fighting with each other and the group would break up. Then we wouldn't have to listen to any more terrible songs about why girls with low self esteem are hot.


Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan mug shot


Taylor's young and should be experimenting with her sexuality. Lindsay Lohan has dated girls in the past. It seems like a perfect match. Of course, Lindsay might be going back to jail so this might have to be a long distance relationship for at least a little while.

Who do you think Taylor Swift should date? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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