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World's Largest Pizza Baked in Rome!


Were you wandering around Rome, Italy last week — possibly studying abroad or pretending to enjoy a holiday vacation with your family — and suddenly smell pizza? Well, either you walked past a pizza restaurant or you were smelling the WORLD'S LARGEST PIZZA as it was baking.

world's largest pizza
It probably wasn't this huge pizza though. Rome kind of always
smells like pizza.


The 131-foot pizza used over 10,000 pounds of tomato sauce and 8,800 pounds of mozzarella cheese. The record-breaking pizza was made by Donvilio Nardi, a chef who specializes in gluten-free ingredients. Nardi recruited five other chefs to assist with baking the pizza. Each member had specific cooking skills that Nardi needed to make his plan come to fruition. The whole thing was like Ocean's Eleven but with more tomato sauce. Interestingly, Roger Ebert actually wrote the sentence "This needs more tomato sauce!" in his 2001 review of Ocean's Eleven.

roger ebert
But don't forget that this was during the period where Roger Ebert was
for some reason simultaneously reviewing food and movies in a single column.


Nardi made the giant pizza gluten-free, in an attempt to raise awareness for Celiac disease, a digestive condition that causes the body to react to wheat, barley, and rye; shutting down the vital processes that allow us to absorb the vital nutrients we need to survive.

man eating large bread
This is Buster, the Celiac disease mascot!
He'll dance if you tell him you love him!


And since we all know hamburgers and pizza are locked in a centuries-long, high-stakes war for food supremacy, it's now up to the hamburger makers to craft a new world's biggest hamburger. But this gluten-free world record-breaking pizza had the support of the anti-gluten lobbies. What cause could hamburgers use to fund their enormous hamburger?

worlds largest hamburger
Are we raising awareness for athlete's foot? Inoperable
cleft palettes? American Exceptionalism?


How much of the world's largest pizza are you capable of eating? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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