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Fighters Who Should Have Been in PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale


Whenever a big mash-up fighting game comes out, there are always characters we love who are left out. For instance, did you know that somehow Marvel Vs. Capcom left out Boomerang? But when Sony's Super Smash Bros.-esque Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale was released last month, there were some glaring omissions. And now I will list said omissions! Here are the fighters who should have been in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.


Crash Bandicoot

crash bandicoot


Crash Bandicoot was Sony's de facto mascot throughout the 90's, a face gamers came to associate with the PlayStation brand itself. In a sense, that's like not including the thing in the thing. It's like not including Mario in Mario Kart. Like not including stars in Star Trek. Like not including baseball in baseball.


The Hell in the Cell from WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role

hell in a cell smack down 2


The most time I put into a PlayStation was the Christmas vacation after WWF SmackDown 2 came out, and it was ONLY because of the Hell in a Cell mode. If you could play as the Cell in PlayStation All Stars, the circle button could shoot Mankinds at your opponent, while the Cell's finisher would be to instantly kill all of its opponents because the finish of the fight would be predetermined.


The main character from Journey

journey game


One of the most beautiful and humane games of all-time, Journey is a hugely important part of the PlayStation's catalog. So why did it get no love in PlayStation All-Stars? I mean, I get the decision to leave a character out of a fighting game who can't, in any way, attack, but maybe the Journey guy could enjoy the experience of fighting without actually fighting? His level three special could be to sing a song that wouldn't kill the other characters, but remind them that, despite their differences, they're all human beings and are ultimately in this together. Of course, this special would only work on PlayStation All Stars' human characters like Nathan Drake and Cole McGrath. Sly Cooper would still be able to take advantage and rips the flesh from the bones of his newly-joyous human opponents.


Metal Gear REX

metal gear rex


While the Metal Gear series is represented in PlayStation All Stars by Raiden, I still want to play as the nuclear-equipped walking battle tank from the first Metal Gear Solid. Obviously his level three special move would be a launch, and then, after everyone and everything is gone, Solid Snake would walk on screen and speak solemnly on the consequences of nuclear war for fifty-five minutes.


Motorcycle Guy from Motorstorm



The Motorcycle Guy from Motorstorm would have a button command that would turn him invisible, because when you're driving motorcycles are ALWAYS in your blind spot. Start SEEING motorcycles, people!


Retail copy of Gran Turismo 5

gran turismo all stars


How do you include Gran Turismo, one of the premiere PlayStation franchises, in PlayStation All Stars? I mean, you can't have an actual car in the game. So I say you just put the game itself on the roster. Can it attack? No. It is a case. Does it have any specials? It does not. It is a case. Can it even move around the stage? NO. IT IS A CASE. The only way you can win playing as Retail Copy of Gran Turismo is if another character tries to open you, because that sticker they put at the top of game cases is so hard to open that the other fighter just might kill themselves.


Who would you have liked to see in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale? Let me know on Twitter at @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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