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Teen Binge Eaters Smoke More Pot Than Regular Eaters


Uh-oh! The Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine is at it again. This time they've found a minor correlation between binge eating and pot smoking.

pot smoking
Holy crap she is going to smoke so much pot.

The Post Gazette reported yesterday that teens and young adults who binge eat were almost twice as likely to smoke pot as teenagers without the eating disorder. An odd on switcheroo of the situation, given that usually the pot comes first, and then the binge eating follows.

pot smoke
Does this mean that Snoop Dogg.... gulp... is a binge eater???

The study is really almost meaningless. All it is really saying is that people who binge eat tend to have control issues, so they're more likely to do things that people who are controlling themselves wouldn't do. Although lots of people with self control smoke pot. A corollary argument could also probably be made that people who wear sandals also tend to be laid back ass dudes. But so what?

sandals dudes
This laid back dude is wearing sandals.... coincidence?

The article also has the absurd, inflammatory suggestion in the title, with the word "drugs," that kids who binge eat are taking all sorts of crazy things. When really, the correlation is just pot. Which is not very scary. Since it's actually way more bad for you to eat too much pizza than it is to smoke pot.

silly pot fear
Pizza: twice as bad as pot, but also way tastier.

Why do you like to eat a burger with pizza slices for buns so much? Let us in the comments below!


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