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Owner Wants Darwin the Ikea Monkey Back!


After a few pictures of Darwin, the fashion-conscious monkey who strolled through a Toronto Ikea in a little monkey jacket and monkey diaper popped up on the internet, well, America was in love. At least, everyone in America with a Tumblr. Darwin is incredibly adorable, it can't be denied. But more inspirationally, he's very sure of himself, confident. He knows he's a MONKEY. He knows he doesn't BELONG. But do you think he cares EVEN A LITTLE BIT?

darwin monkey
What up, society? How you is?

But now we're learning the dark side of the Darwin story. It seems he's been taken to a local primate shelter and his owner, Yasmin Nakhuda, wants him back. So much so, in fact, that Nakhuda is considering hiring a lawyer to regain custody. And boy does it make me happy to think about what kind of lawyer would fight for the rights of a monkey from the internet.

"I'll take the case, but only to stick it to my mother who made me
quit painting to go to law school."


All that said, Nakhuda has said she'd relinquish any claim to Darwin if she was assured he was being properly cared for. "If the sanctuary is able to convince me ... that they are doing a better job, then for sure," she said to the CBC. "Because everything has to be what's best for him."

And that's perfectly reasonable, and an indication that Yakhuda really does care for Darwin. However, if I were Nakhuda, I'd be concerned that the shelter will not put nearly as much effort into his fashion sense. I mean, how is Darwin supped to keep up with next season's designer jackets and diapers in an animal sanctuary?

darwin parking lot
He KNOWS they only got Gucci knock-offs in the damn animal sanctuary.

Of course, it could always be worse for Nakhuda — at least she knows Darwin EXISTS. No one is telling her that Darwin was just a figment of her imagination. I mean, this situation could have very easily turned into a Julianne Moore movie.

julianne moore
I feel like most Julianne Moore movies are about her looking for a
son while everyone tells her never existed.


Do you think humans should own monkeys as pets, even if they're not affable sitcom characters? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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