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If Disney Princesses Were On Popular Reality Shows


I think we can all agree that the Disney Princesses, if they existed IRL, would be the equivalent to modern day reality stars. Famous for kind of being famous, only not as skanky as Kim Kardashian. Well, except for Jasmine...but I digress!  The real question is...what reality show would make them even bigger stars? Here's a look at 5 Disney Princesses and the reality shows they most likely would be on.



 disney princess ariel hoarders


I don't think there's any question of what reality show Ariel would be on!  I can totally picture the crew descending upon Ariel's pack rat cave and the looks on their faces as they face that overwhelming junk collection under the sea. A TOTAL cesspool of useless crap! You just know there would be a bunch of fish skeletons, expired cans of tuna and shudder--all of King Triton's soiled adult diapers. WHAT ARE YOU SAVING THEM FOR ARIEL!?!  


Cinderella/Dancing With The Stars


People seem to love it when some virtually 'unknown' celeb,  with no dance experience at all, surprises everyone with a  game-changing waltz to that Sarah MacLachlen song that she sings to the abused animals. Especially when it involves a wardrobe malfunction and Cinderella has to hold her dress up to keep her pumpkins from being exposed on National TV.  Guess that's what happens when you let rodents sew your gowns!


Tiana--Top Chef

disney princess tiana top chef


Anyone who watches Top Chef knows that there's always a self-taught chef who SLAYS the fancy-pants Le Cordon Bleu trained food snobs. PLUS Tiana has a hell of a personal story...fulfilling her dead father's dream of owning his own restaurant. Awww! Total fan fave! I know I would be licking my chops over any of the Southern comfort food classics that  Tiana would for sure be whipping up! The other chefs can shove their poached fish liver with goose fat foam! Eww...bad mental image happening right now.


Snow White--The Bachelorette


Hello? She's the fairest of them all! Just like every other Bachelorette who has tried to find love on national TV...am I right? Plus just like all other Bachelorettes before her, you know she'll have a ton of quirky, unconventional and minority Bachelors at the beginning, only to pick the hottest, richest and stereotypical Prince Charming candidate in the end.  Disney Princesses be so predictable sometimes!


Jasmine--Jersey Shore


Of all the Disney Princesses, I think we can all agree that Princess Jasmine is the trashiest. JUST SAYING...there's a reason she rules the Disney Rule 34 competion! I would love to see the look on Sammi Sweatheart's face when Jasmine walked in as the new housemate. Just imagine all the rad  'Could Come at me, Ho!' internet memes we'd be enjoying!

What reality shows could you see the Disney Princesses on? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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