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10 More of the LEAST Creative Pokemon Names


We here at Smosh have extensively covered the lazy names pokemon are given, but I'd like to rethink that a little. I mean, it's easy to judge whoever is naming Pokemon when we see that, for the love of Christ, the mime Pokemon is named "Mr. Mime", but A LOT of Pokemon games are released. Can you imagine having to come up with 150 Pokemon names every year or two? That job is basically impossible! Here, I'll try it right now. New grass-type Pokemon. Kind of looks like a rhinoserous. I would name him, uh, "Hornadillion".

Okay, turns out that gig is SUPER easy. Let's make fun of some more lazily named Pokemon!



pokemon mankey


You can't just replace one letter — an "o" for an "a" — and expect us to call you creative, Pokemon-namers. I'm not an artist just because I painted a moustache on the Mona Lisa. But I am a merry prankster! Tee hee!


Nine Tails

pokemon nine tails


"You want to call him Nine tails, you say? Well, let me just count them up here... yep. Yep. That checks out. Solid effort, tem."


Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam

pokemon abra


Just f*ckin' go to Hell, Pokemon.



pokemon muk


Yup, Muk sure is muck, all right. That's absolutely what he is. If the guy who named Muk took a rorshak test he would say every slide was an ink blot.



pokemon pidgey


Hey, idiots? We don't name humans "Humey".



pokemon butterfree


The guy who pitched this name would later say, from a hospital bed, that he wanted to name it "butterfly", but was thankful that it helped him identify the stroke he was having.



pokemon lickitung


"If there's ONE thing I know about Lickitung, it's that he licks with his tung." This is just effective Pokemon naming, guys. It's effective.



happiny pokemon


So, the Pokemon-namers were AWARE that they couldn't simply name a happy Pokemon "happy", but after that, put zero effort into changing it. Hey, it's a step forward, at least.



torchic pokemon


When you mash two words together, like "torch" and "chic", you get the name of a chick that torches. These f*ckin' Pokemon-naming guys. THESE guys. They must make sandwiches by punching turkey into a loaf of brad.



buneary pokemon


The word is "ear" was stuffed in the middle of the word "bunny", making "ear" the cheese and bacon and whipped cream and chile beans and peanute butter and cupcakes and jelly to "bunny's" jalapeno.

What do you mean that's disgusting? What do you put in jalapeno poppers?


Which name was so obvious YOU could have written it? Let me know on Twitter at @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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