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Taylor Lautner Hates Taking His Shirt Off?!?


Shocking. Stunning. This is probably the biggest news since Global Warming. It's certainly the most surprising thing to happen in the world of celebrity since Robert Pattinson came out last year and admitted he doesn't actually sparkle.

sparkle pattinson
What's next? We're going to learn he can't fly??

Yes, E Online,the best possible place to go for news that couldn't matter less, is reporting that the one thing Taylor Lautner isn't going to miss about filming Twilight is taking his shirt off.

this scene
This scene, however, he did not mind.

Taylor says the two main reasons were that it's really cold where they filmed, so it was always uncomfortable, and he's always the only person out there with his shirt off so he feels singled out, and it sounds like a little bit dehumanized. He feels like he would rather keep his shirt on so they can focus on his unique acting talents, like being able to always seem just a little bit stupid, or his actually rather impressive ability to will himself to turn into a large golden wolf.

wolf turn
Taylor Lautner and Meryl Streep are the only current actors who are known to have the ability to turn themselves into wolves at will.

Unfortunately for Taylor Lautner, the list of films he's lined up post-Twilight sound like they might include a bit of shirtlessness, given such titles as: "The Shirtless Avenger" "No Shoes No Shirt No Service: The Joe "No Shirt" Pantalano Story, and Iron Man 4: The Unshirtening."

no shirt
Taylor Launter: Picture Above 55 years from now in "The Shirtless Adventures Of Motorcyle Mort"

How any shirts do you think Taylor Lautner owns? Let us know in the comments below!


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