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Video Game Characters We Want to See in Wreck-It Ralph!


It really is amazing how Disney was able to get so many beloved licensed video game characters in their new movie Wreck-It Ralph. We've gotten a sneak peak at some of them from the trailer. They include characters from Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and several classic games. They really haven't shown that many characters in the trailers though. I'm a little worried that some of my favorites won't show up. COME ON Disney! You've got the money! Just put everyone ever in. Here are video game characters that I want to see in Wreck-It Ralph.


Link (The Legend Of Zelda)

link from zelda cartoon


Excuuuuse me, Disney! How come Link isn't in this movie? Link is about as iconic as you can get when it comes to gaming. Link has had some of the most consistently awesome games for his entire run going back to the original Legend of Zelda. Nothing will make me happier than if the movie is resolved by Link helping Wreck-It Ralph find the Triforce. I will buy like 30 copies of it on DVD just to help sales as much as I can.


Pikachu (Pokemon)

pikachu and hogan


Pikachu and really any Pokemon would be perfect for a movie like this. Just have them walk around in the background and maybe spout their catch phrase like one time. I'm not asking for a lot of screen time. Just some acknowledgement to the fans like me that have spent over 500 hours playing these games.


John Madden (Madden Football)

old madden box art


I can never understand anything unless it is being explained to me by John Madden. I think they should have John Madden's voice calling play by play in every scene so we know what the heck is going on. If they don't do this, I don't know how anyone is going to be able to follow what is happening on screen.


Boxman (SMOSH's Boxman's Escape)

smosh boxman game


Boxman's Escape needs to be honored for what it is. It is by far the greatest game ever created of all time. To leave Boxman out is a slight against SMOSH that I find to be completely unacceptable!


Mr. Resetti (Animal Crossing)

resetti meme


Mr. Resetti's lectures about the importance of saving your game was one of my favorite things about Animal Crossing. Just throw him in one scene where he goes in to one of his famous tirades. It will only add about a half hour to the movie. Totally worth it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Disney! I know it's probably too late to add this in if it isn't there, but I think the addition of Mr. Resetti would be plenty of reason to make Wreck-It Ralph 2: Always Save Your Game.


Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy)

in russia chocobo rides you


Cloud is arguably the best character from the best Final Fantasy game. The Final Fantasy series is one of the most important RPG series to all of video games. If that wasn't enough of a reason to include him then let me remind you of how he likes to travel. Chocobos. That's right. The chocobo race scene from Wreck-It Ralph would rival any racing scene in any movie.


Anyone From A First Person Shooter

toy story fps meme


Maybe I'm blind, but I didn't see one character from a first person shooter in the trailer. No Master Cheif? No Duke Nukem? No Gordon Freeman? The argument that they left them out because they come from games that are too violent is total BS. They included Mortal Kombat characters and those dudes rip out each other's spines through their butts. You can't get much more violent than that.


Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

creepy kingdom hearts screen cap


Kingdom Hearts is role playing game that includes many characters from the Disney Universe. It makes sense to me to include the main character if for no other reason than to give a nod to the devoted fans of this game. They probably own the rights to use Sora anyway so it doesn't make since that would omit him. Maybe it's a little too meta to include someone who's best friends are Goofy and Donald Duck.


What video game character do you want to see in Wreck-It Ralph? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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