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8 MORE of the Worst Words in the English Language


The English language is filled with infuriatingly stupid words – with each day that passes, more are added. A few weeks ago, I documented eight of the worst offenders on this here website; in response, a butt-load of readers took it upon themselves to post their own most hated expressions in the comment section. As a result, I decided to compile eight MORE of the worst words in the English language...because YOU demanded it! (OK, so only, like, 30 people commented, most of which were spam bots...but can you please just give me this empty victory?)



more worst words english language YOLO


As a rule, nine out of ten acronyms are insufferably stupid – LOL, OMG, and OU812 are perfect examples. Out of all the dumb-ass acronyms in existence, though, YOLO (You Only Live Once) takes the cake. I’m glad that people who say YOLO only live once; I’d hate for future generations to have to put up with decades more of their idiocy.



more worst words english language swag


The verdict’s in – multiple Smosh readers with amusing usernames (“mandyclairexo” and “the smosh killjoy”) hate the word swag. mandyclairexo, the more passionate of the two, finds it "f***ing irritatin and overused." (Damn, mandyclairexo, that’s scathing!) Having been on the listening end of hundreds of substanceless rap songs, I’m inclined to agree. Bragging that you have swag is tantamount to bragging about how narcissistic you are – it makes you look like an egomaniacal dumbass (which, if you’re bragging about your nonexistent swag, you most certainly are).


Same Difference

more worst words english language same difference


”Same difference” is like “my bad” – a phrase that, when used, proves that you could care less about the person you’re talking to. Apparently, a crappy-looking English pop duo calls themselves "Same Difference," which makes me hate the phrase even more. The group was on the UK version of X-Factor; Simon Cowell described them as "potentially two of the most annoying people I've ever met." I DON’T BLAME HIM.



more worst words english language belieber


Delightfully monikered Smosh reader “petsinwinter” suggested this gem, a byproduct of Bieber fever. A better thing to call Justin Beiber fans than “Beliebers” would be “children” or “morons” or “Justin Bieber’s Mom.” Hate Beliebers as much as I do? Don’t fret! In less than a year, the Biebster will no doubt go the way of NKOTB (New Kids on the Block, duh).



more worst words english language nice


Nice is one of the most pleasant words in existence – unfortunately, people abuse it so much that it’s lost all sense of meaning. How was the party? “It was nice.” What’s Veronica like? “She’s nice.” What do you think of this shirt? “It’s, um, nice.” Smosh reader Coolfiend274, who also despises the overuse of the word “nice,” hears what I’m screaming. And I’m screaming LOUDLY.



more worst words english language belly


Belly. Ugh. It just sounds disgusting. And now it’s everywhere – tons of diet books written for second-grade reading levels advertising “flat belly” and “fat belly” cures fill shelves upon shelves at (equally disgusting) places like Wal-Mart and Books-a-Million. If you can come up with a more repugnant word than belly, let me know. I’m all ears.



more worst words english language potty


”Gillian Binley,” a Smosh reader who kindly chose not to have a bizarre username, hates this word (she also hates the word belly – that’s how I know we’re soulmates). When it comes to using the word potty, children get a pass – after all, they’re stupid enough to crap their own pants and feel no remorse. When adults use it, though, I assume they also have crap in their pants.


It Is What it Is

more worst words english language it is what it is


Smosh reader Bubby4444 thinks the phrase “It is what it is” sucks. He’s not alone. USA Today named it 2004’s cliche of the year. And everyone knows USA Today is, like, USA’s newspaper. It’s infallible. It is...what it is.


What wack words did I miss? Let me know in the comments!


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