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Adam Lambert Pays $48 Million To Insure His 'Great' Voice


Wev've all had our voices insured for millions of dollars at one point or another. Some of us have gone the extra mile. I've had most of individual fingers insured on the off chance that I accidentally set my hand on a railroad track when a train is coming at some point. Adam Lambert, however, may have gone the way way extra mile and insured his voice for a whopping $48 Million Dollars.

adam lambert voice
Adam Lambert as his alter ego "Fred Krueger," which he uses when he feels like going into the dreams of teenagers and killing them.

The slightly left of center publication Huffington Post reports that The Sunday Mirror reports that Adam Lambert's reported $48 million dollar neck is not the first celebrity body part to be insured. Bruce Springsteen reportedly spent $5.7 million on his voice, and Justin Bieber not long ago spent a reported $146 million to insure his bangs.

justin bieber bangs
Each individual hair is worth $948,000

For all the money that Adam Lambert has spent on his voice, he's not particularly careful with his throat. For instance I heard he's very into auto-erotic asphyxiation, and just last week he was spotted having bet his friend $5 he could swallow a fork.

swallow a fork
Adam Lambert, holding the dog he bet his friend $20 he could swallow.

Adam plans on touring for his sophomore album "Trespassing" soon. I can only assume that he plans to fall throat first on a metal guard rail while singing "No Boundaries" and collect on his insurance policy.

adam lambert fall
It is a little suspicious that Adam Lambert just spent $48 Million on accessories for his Wii

How much are your body parts worth? Let us know in the comments below!


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